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Land of Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Energy, Free Reward) 1.17.0

Land of Legends MOD APK – Farming game – build a family island! Family farm adventure. Farm land games.

App NameLand of Legends
Publisher Qumaron
MOD InfoUnlimited Energy, Free Reward
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About Land of Legends

Join Jack and Sophia, Land of Legends’ fearless heroes, on an exciting adventure through Greek mythology. A fascinating journey of agricultural simulation, experience, and thrilling missions awaits you in this smartphone game. Enter a family-owned island that doubles as a modest but spectacular farm, where the commonplace is constantly interrupted by exciting new experiences. As you travel from island to island with Jack and Sophia, you’ll learn about the ancient gods and their cultures as you visit their homes and explore their kingdoms. Let the lovely nymph Tia show you around the Greek islands while telling you about their fascinating past and taking you on exciting adventures you’ll never forget.

Creating a Farm Worth a Fortune

In this game, you may build and cultivate a farm to its full potential. Create a prosperous city on your island by using your imagination and skill. Among the farm animals you’ll be responsible for looking for are the hysterical cows, chickens, sheep, and goats. Try your hand at various mind-bending challenges like puzzles, riddles, and other chores. Discover the secrets and riches hidden in the Minotaur’s labyrinth. Take part in exciting minigames, challenges, and unlockables. Flying islands are full of wonder and intrigue; you should see them all. Learn everything about the exciting adventures and historical events in ancient Greece.

The Mystery of Lost Adventure Island Revealed

You’ll be whisked away to exotic regions you’ve never seen whenever you turn on Land of Legends. Come along with Jack and Sophia as they explore a fantastical land inhabited by mythical animals endowed with wondrous sights. In addition to its farming simulation, this game features various other gaming mechanics. Explore the island’s uncharted sections, where you’ll face off against dangerous foes and complex difficulties. Test your battling mettle against vicious wolves and other exotic monsters, and use your wits to emerge triumphant.

Widening Your Perspectives

Your island’s possibilities will grow as you advance through the game and get access to additional buildings and features. Bring back the glory and historical importance of long-lost temples, installations, sculptures, and relics. Make friends with fairies since their advice on agricultural methods and crop production will be necessary. Gather a company of magical fairies to aid you on your travels and strengthen your bond to the island’s mystical core.

An Eye-Popping Display

The stunning visual quality and stunning visuals of Land of Legends will blow your mind. The game transports you to a mystical land where you may mingle with gods and goddesses, evoking images of the sunny Mediterranean. The game’s creators have painstakingly produced a visually spectacular experience, complete with beautiful scenery and impressive structures that give the gods a sense of presence.

Take Off on a Fantastic Agricultural Odyssey

In this game, you may enjoy all the best parts of a farming simulator, an adventure game, and a mythology game all at once. Build up your island by planting crops, raising animals, and researching the mysteries of the ancient Greek world. Accompany Jack and Sophia as they face danger and adventure across fantastic floating islands. Talk to gods, discover hidden buildings, and lose yourself in the game’s eye-popping setting. Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime journey into the world of farming legends.

MOD APK version of Land of Legends

MOD feature


  • Unlimited Energy


  • You can receive a daily bonus without viewing ads;
  • Increased rewards for viewing ads.


Land of Legends is a captivating mobile game that provides a novel combination of farming simulation and Greek mythology. It offers a fascinating adventure through mythological kingdoms and uncharted countries with its alluring quests, many gameplay components, and breathtaking visuals. Explore Lost Adventure Island with Jack and Sophia as they establish their farm, overcome obstacles, and find buried riches. Land of Legends provides a deep and satisfying gaming experience by having you construct and extend your island, raise crops and animals, and converse with fairies and deities.

Download Land of Legends MOD APK (Unlimited Energy, Free Reward) 1.17.0

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