KX Music Player Pro
KX Music Player Pro

KX Music Pro MOD APK (Paid & Patched) 2.4.3

A pure Music Player with the sound effect what you want

App NameKX Music Pro
Publisher Coocent
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoPaid & Patched
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About KX Music Pro

KX Music Pro is an application that provides users access to a musical paradise that encompasses all styles of music and boasts the highest possible sound quality. It gives those passionate about music an excellent opportunity to develop their creativity within the music industry context. KX Music Pro features everything an artist or remixer might need to make one-of-a-kind mixes that reflect their style.

Visual Balance for Custom Mixes

KX Music Pro’s ability to graphically balance factors relating to bass, treble, and other aspects of sound is one of its most distinctive characteristics. Because of this capability, users can generate one-of-a-kind mixtures by choosing their hue. The best thing is that the sound quality will not disappoint you since KX Music Pro offers the highest possible sound quality standard in all its products.

Change the Order of Recent Playlists

KX Music Pro constantly evolves to provide you with the most recent experiences. When you switch it on, you’ll see that the subtitle system has been merged into a single unit. In addition, the recently played list includes a few more elements that consumers were not anticipating having access to. One of these features is the potential for the user to customize the sort order according to their preferences. In other words, the songs played may not only be arranged in order based on the passage of time, but the order can also be reversed manually.

Customize the Name of Free Playlists

You now have the opportunity to change the name of a specific playlist if you are using the most recent version of KX Music Pro. In most cases, users won’t be able to go ahead and rename the playlist, no matter what they want to call it. You may mark names according to your sentiments or sometimes simply qualities that are simple to remember, making it much easier to search again the next time you search. The advantage of this tool is that you can mark names according to aspects that are easy to remember.

Best Audio Decoding Technology

Because of its exceptionally excellent sound quality, KX Music Pro consistently attracts tens of millions of consumers. Since it enables you to use audio decoding technology to a whole new level of professionalism, this program is one of the most famous music applications. Users will get this software’s highest possible and most authentic sound quality. Because of the high quality of the recording, you can hear the singer’s every note, key, and breath in astonishing clarity. This allows you to appreciate the song entirely.

Diverse Genres Suitable for Many Objects

More than 17 distinct musical genres, each rich in variety and activity, are available to listeners through KX Music Pro. The introduction of classical music is indicated for those who love having a touch of old-fashioned flair and refinement. In addition, we give young people pieces from various genres, such as rock and hip-hop, for them to listen to. This musical paradise also has more contemporary dance and piano music, which does not end there. You may also find us if you need music for a party or some other occasion.

Adjusting Tone Through the Deep Scholarship and Acoustics

KX Music Pro provides a capability not available in all music apps. To be more specific, customers are given the ability to flexibly adjust the volume of the bass with the use of a single slide. Because of this, you can listen to music well-suited to your preferences. You can tune in to your colorful songs if you control the tone. You also can modify the reverberation with this tool. The echo may be the result of a vast room or a tiny one.


In conclusion, KX Music Pro is a beautiful platform for fans interested in exploring their creativity within the realm of music. KX Music Pro offers music fans an experience they will never forget thanks to its excellent sound quality, a wide variety of genres, and one-of-a-kind features such as visual balance, changing the order of recent playlists, customizing the name of free playlists, best audio decoding technology, and adjusting tone through profound scholarship and acoustics. In short, KX Music Pro has everything a music fan could want in a music streaming service. Hence, go to KX Music Pro to enjoy a trip to musical heaven!

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