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Komoot: Cycling & Hiking Maps MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2024.05.1

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Do you often practice outdoor sports? Your favorite sport is Running, Cycling or Hiking? – In my opinion, all these sports are great. Today, I will introduce you to an app that will help you optimize your outdoor sports training experience. That’s Komoot.

About Komoot: Cycling & Hiking Maps

Komoot is an app that provides training maps for outdoor sports. The App will provide you with travel and training routes for running, cycling, and hiking. Moreover, Komoot will lead you to beautiful places to explore for relaxation. With Komoot, you can even plan your workout routine. This is an award-winning editor’s choice app with a very high rating on Google Play. Moreover, Komoot also supports users to track their training. This is a great app to take care of your health, exercise, and relax your mind.

Let’s explore more deeply with APKmazon about the Komoot app in the article below.

Komoot mod apk download

Plan perfect rides and hikes

One of the ways to achieve optimal performance in sports training is to make plans. For those who love cycling and hiking, besides exercising, seeing the beautiful surroundings is an effective way to relieve stress. With Komoot, you can plan your training routes to both train and relax effectively.

First, Komoot will help you find your best friend’s favorite sport. The app will give you options: hiking, Leisure cycling, MTB, Road Cycling, Gravel riding, and Running. If you are a fan of new experiences, choose all sports. Komoot will bring you different interesting training modes. Or if you have

Komoot will request Location access permission from your smartphone. The app will then transmit a map of the area around you in a truly expansive 2D. Here, you can optionally choose the start and finish points for your training session. With these manipulations, you can plan the distance for your workout. You can select the length of the route, the places you want to go, and the start time.

You can save this plan for future practice. Or you can also share it with the Komoot Community right on the app. And if you want a scientific and effective workout plan, you can use the plans shared by the training experts on Komoot.

Know exactly what to expect

A handy feature of Komoot is the analysis of the distance spent on training. Once you have planned or selected your distance, the app will analyze it and send you a short report. In this report, you will know some information such as the slope of the distance, and distance estimated average speed. These parameters will help you prepare carefully for your training session.

In addition, Komoot can also give technical suggestions you should use during the training session. For example, if you plan a running session in the city. The App will analyze the distance you choose. Then, Komoot gives you places where you should walk or slow down due to the dense population or open places suitable for you to practice quickly.

Komoot features

Recording your progress

In sports, one of the ways to track your best friend’s growth is to track your progress continuously. At the beginning of each workout, don’t forget to use the “Record” feature to track training intensity. You can easily find this feature right in the middle of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Komoot will measure the average speed during your training session with the Record feature. In addition, the app will also calculate the time and distance you have traveled. Komoot will estimate how many calories you’ve consumed at the end of the workout. These will be the factors to evaluate whether you are improving day by day.

While Recording, you can still see the map and the distance you will travel. At this point, you need to click on the “Recenter” item to have Komoot automatically reposition your location.

Save everything offline

Every time you go outside – a great place for cycling and hiking, you don’t always get a Wifi connection. At this time, the transmission of information about your plan and distance may be interrupted. But don’t worry; before each training session, you can save the plan to your smartphone in advance. Thanks to that, you can enjoy your workout offline with Komoot.

However, it would help if you still prepared an internet connection to help locate your location better. This problem can be solved by using the free Wi-Fi connection in convenience stores or using public Wi-Fi on the road.

Never miss a turn

Not only is it an app to help you plan your practice, but Komoot also has a built-in map display feature. This feature has the same operating mechanism as GoogleMap. Komoot will send and locate your location using an extremely accurate satellite system. That way, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost.

Another feature that will help you stay on track is the reminder feature. With its precise positioning, Komoot will send you directions along the way. The App will remind you of the next turns or how far you are from the next marker.

Discover the Best Trails and Places

If it’s a beautiful day, but you don’t have a plan to exercise, let Komoot help you. At Komoot, you can use exercise plans built by fitness lovers like you. They are the ones who take the time to develop a workout plan to share with the Komoot Community. Sports experts evaluate these plans for science and fitness.

One of the evaluation criteria for these pre-programmed plans is the surrounding scenery on the way. It can be a wide boulevard with the shade of trees on both sides of the road. Sometimes, it is the spacious and airy places in the suburbs for you to relax. These are the locations that experts discovered and included in the plan of Komoot’s training locations. Even when you come here, you can take a selfie and check-in because they have stunning scenery.

Use Komoot on all your devices.

You can use Komoot on many different smartphones. To do this, log in to your Komoot account on your device. Then choose to connect to your Garmin account – a cloud computing app. Komoot will automatically synchronize your data. This way, you can access and use your data on any smartphone.

In addition, if you use a Samsung smartphone, you can sync Komoot data with Samsung Health. The App will update your activity and fitness data regularly. Thanks to that, you can easily track your progress.

Keep up with Komoot Community

Komoot was developed as a social networking platform for exercise. You can link Komoot with platforms like Facebook or Twitter to find friends and acquaintances around you. You can follow or befriend them. Here, you can also share your workout plans and preferences.

Komoot will help you meet and get to know many new people with similar interests in fitness. In addition, you can also follow the profile pages of KOLs to learn the training methods they post on Komoot Community.

Komoot Premium features

MOD APK of Komoot

Komoot is a great add-on app for those who love to practice outdoor sports. It can be a map, a companion, or a coach for you every step of the way. Komoot offers many benefits, so why not upgrade to the Komoot Premium version to use more features? – To use Komoot Premium, you will have to spend about $ 30.5 to unlock it. But if you want to save money, you can download Komoot MOD APK Premium Unlocked at APKmazon.

Premium Features

  • Worldwide voice navigation
  • Offline maps for every region worldwide
  • Weekly update
  • No recurring costs
  • Use all on your device
  • No ads

MOD Info

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


Komoot is a perfect app for those who love outdoor sports activities. Not only because of the ability to orient and determine the exact position but also because of planning a convenient training route. What’s more, you can easily track your practice throughout the session. In addition, you can also use the Komoot map offline globally. With these great things that Komoot brings, why don’t you own it now? Please click on the link below to download and install Komoot MOD APK Premium Unlocked.

Download Komoot: Cycling & Hiking Maps MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2024.05.1

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