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App NameKnives Out
Publisher NetEase Games
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About Knives Out

After capturing players’ attention with its first release, NetEase Games’ Knives Out is back with a thrilling sequel that puts players in the middle of an exciting survival experience. Knives Out is in a big, detailed world where more than 100 players can explore the battlefield and meet new people.

Fly! You Can Go Anywhere: Revealing the Huge Map

The game will show you an extra-large map that goes far and wide and contains ways to stay alive. Get ready for a fantastic trip! With a wide range of environments, including beautiful oceanic islands, icy mountains, and vast savannahs, players are urged to explore unknown areas and find their way to survive.

Join forces and have fun on this survival journey, where you’ll meet new people

In the world of Knives Out, friendship is the most important thing. Take advantage of the fun of working with other people and make new friends. Experience the fun of playing together as you plan together. Teamwork is the best way to win, so working together is essential.

The best way to be friends is to help each other survive: Do well as a group

In this game, friendship is about making it through hard times together. Fight exciting fights with your trusted allies and see how powerful teamwork can be. Combining your skills and resources allows you to beat even the most challenging problems and come out on top.

Have fun in the sports car with your friends: Racing Towards Triumph

Take over sports cars and drive into the unknown with your team to go on exciting experiences. Feel the rush of excitement as you and your friends cross vast landscapes, use vehicles to get the upper hand in battle, and outmaneuver your opponents.

Customize your look for that special someone by wearing trendy clothes

Make yourself stand out on the battlefield by adding your touch. Knives Out give you a wide range of dresses to choose from so you can change how your character looks. You can show off your personality and sense of style by wearing clothes that fit your tastes.

A Stressful Game with a Familiar Feel: An Overview

The game follows the classic survival game model that has always kept players interested. When the game starts, 90 and 100 people are spread across the large playing area. As soon as players land, the race to stay alive starts as they try to get guns, armor, explosives, and ammunition so they can fight in the intense battles that are coming.

Simple controls that are easy to use

Knives Out has an easy-to-use layout with settings that are easy to understand. Players can control their figures using a virtual keyboard on the left side of the screen. Buttons on the screen’s right side let players shoot, jump, and hide. The top left of the map shows a zoomed-in view of the area, which helps players find their way around and get used to the landscape.

Make a good character by letting your imagination run wild

The game lets players make a character that fits their tastes for a more realistic experience. A powerful customization system allows players to give their main battle character a unique look and personality, from how they look to their outfits.

Highly realistic graphics: a feast for the eyes

With its incredibly realistic 3D graphics, Knives Out sets a new bar for mobile games. Immerse yourself in carefully made settings with complex characters, detailed buildings, lush plants, and explosions that can compete with the best PC games. The makers went above and beyond to improve the gameplay experience by adding realistic sound effects like gunshots, howling winds, and immersive views that make the game feel more natural.

MOD APK version of Knives Out

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Knives Out is an exciting and beautiful survival shooting game with a large open world, intense fights, and a focus on working together. With its large map, detailed graphics, and personalities that can be changed, the game offers a unique and engaging experience that sets it apart from others. Whether you go alone or with friends, the game shows an exciting journey with the primary goal of staying alive. So get ready, hone your skills, and prepare for a trip you’ll never forget on Knives Out.

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