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Knights Chronicle 1


  • Publisher: Netmable
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 80M
  • Latest Version: 2.2.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

After a long period of thorough development, the new RPG game with Japanese anime background, cute graphics and a typical turn-based gameplay, Knights Chronicle, is preparing to release the English version. The game Knights Chronicle was developed by the Netmarble producer. Not long ago, this publisher released an extremely exciting fishing game call Fishing Strike. So what’s in the game Knights Chronicle? Is it possible to achieve the same success as Netmarble’s previous products? Let’s take a look at the article below.

Knights Chronicle 1

Knights Chronicle – New role-playing game from Netmarble

Multiplayer role playing

The Knights Chronicle is a turn-based strategy RPG with real-time strategy elements that require so many skills and persistence on the player. The task of players while getting involved in this game is to collect the heroes, develop their power and choose to arrange a team and then join the fight with the enemy.

Knights Chronicle 2

When it comes to the Knights Chronicle game, gamers will get used to the traditional turn-based strategy followed by the challenging game levels. During the match, the player will have to arrange the team based on the combat skills of each character and get the proper tactics so that they can win the battle without losing the main character or any other teammates. Not only must players be prepared for reasonable tactics, but they must also flexibly change the tactics of the enemy to win without getting damage.

Knights Chronicle 3

In addition to the familiar turn-based battles in the Knights Chronicle APK, gamers can also experience the role-playing gameplay. Here, the character that the player possesses will be supported by countless different systems, such as gaining experience to level up, selecting and investing skills, enhancing weapons strength, as well as recruiting companions to strengthen the team.

Knights Chronicle 4

The graphic is not so impressive

Another outstanding aspect of the Knights Chronicle APK game is that it possesses a simple 2D graphics combined with the 3D environment, which is still enough to appeal to the viewer with realistic image-rendering technology. Knights Chronicle is rated in average, not as high as other role-playing 3D games today. However, the graphic is not too modern with the average size of the game, it is suitable for most smartphones today.

In conclusion

Knights Chronicle has a varied gameplay that requires a lot of calculating and developing tactics, so it’s a challenge for gamers in the near future. However, the current game has not been officially released but is in the pre-registration phase. You can sign up for the Knights Chronicle APK game from the link below to watch this game as well as receive great offers when the game comes out officially.

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