Knight Cats Leaves on the Road
Knight Cats Leaves on the Road

Knight Cats Leaves on the Road MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.0.0

Find hidden objects, uncover criminal cases and save the world・Mystery game

App NameKnight Cats Leaves on the Road
Publisher Elephant Games AR LLC
MOD InfoUnlocked
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Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road is the perfect game for you if you enjoy working through riddles and other mind-bending challenges while venturing into unique settings. This easy hidden object puzzle game was developed by the gaming business Big Fish Games. It keeps you engaged daily while helping you pump up your attentiveness, logical abilities, and quick wits.

The video game story centers around a security guard named Shavan, who becomes caught up in a scheme that targets his hometown of Catstown. The guard sets out on a trip to solve the secret behind the gory traces that the conspiracy has left behind and preserve his city. But, Shavan quickly concludes that he cannot put his faith in anybody until he discovers who has betrayed them and joined the other force.

Exciting Moments and Lush Settings are Throughout This Story

In the role-playing video game Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road, you take on the persona of Shavan and are tasked with investigating several peculiar locales and uncovering the plotters’ identities. You will not run out of things to do since the game is filled with challenging puzzles and fun minigames that you may play anytime. The immersive settings of the game will whisk you away to the heart of political intrigue and keep you fascinated until you discover all of the great mysteries hidden throughout the city.

Discovering Every Last One of These Amazing Mysteries

You can conduct your independent investigation with the help of Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road, available for free on Android. This will enable you to track down the conspirators and end their harmful efforts to impact the city. You will be presented with many intriguing hidden object puzzles and entertaining minigames, both of which will assist you in unwinding and distancing yourself from the actual world. The game’s story will also put you in the position of figuring out why the Dark Forest is so hazardous and who is in charge of the scheme.

What Kind of Secrets Linger Under the Surface of Catstown’s Political Scandals?

In Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road, you will be tasked to figure out why the Dark Forest poses such a threat and who is in charge of the plot by working through various challenging puzzles and entertaining minigames. When you go out on your mission to uncover the story, you will also come up against a significant enigma that concerns Shavan and his responsibilities. To defend his hometown, the newly minted security officer needs to undertake his investigation throughout numerous communities.

What might be the Cause of these Strange Occurrences?

The narrative of the game centers on a political conspiracy against Catstown, but the cause for the odd happenings will remain a mystery until you have solved the engrossing riddles and completed the enjoyable minigames. You will need all of your logical skills and fast wits to hunt down the conspirators and discover all their secrets.

Would It Be Possible to Win the War Against the Conspirators in the Preferred Town?

Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road boasts engaging hidden object scenes and unexpected plot twists that will keep you thrilled until you uncover the conspiracy and clear your beloved city from conspirators. The game promises to be an excellent source of fun for daily life while also assisting you in maintaining your analytical capabilities and quick wits in good form.

In the bonus chapter, you will discover what became of Fishville’s Mayor Alvin.

The Collector’s Edition of Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road comes with a bonus chapter that allows you to play as Fishville Mayor Alvin and the principal engineer of the town, Valerie. You will be rewarded with special awards if you complete the extra chapter, adding a new dimension of thrill to the game. The game also includes tons of collectibles and puzzle pieces to find, replayable hidden object scenes and minigames, exclusive wallpapers, a soundtrack, concept art, and more.


In conclusion, Knight Cats: Leaves on the Road is an engaging, thrilling, hidden-object puzzle game that challenges you to use your logical abilities and quick wits to uncover the conspiracy against Catstown. With interesting puzzles and exciting minigames, the competition promises to keep you entertained daily while helping you pump up your attentiveness and keep your logical abilities in good shape.

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