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Kingdom of Invaders MOD APK (God Mode | Weak Enemy) 1.2.17

Kingdom of Invaders MOD APK – Kingdom of Invaders MMO War or MMO Strategy game. Defend kingdom in Arena Clash.

App NameKingdom of Invaders
Publisher Kingdom of invaders
MOD InfoGod Mode | Weak Enemy
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About Kingdom of Invaders

Kingdom of Invaders is a great strategy game that will take you on an exciting trip into the world of war fantasies. This competitive multiplayer game pits heroes against each other in a battle royale area, where players must defend their lands. Kingdom of Invaders will surely be a hit with gamers who want an unforgettable gaming experience thanks to its intense gameplay, engaging design, and many magical adventures.

Heroic Battles: Let the Power Out

In this game, players fight in epic battles between different countries. They are immersed in a League Battle Royale, in which powerful kings and lords use magic and vast armies of sworders to defend their houses. Use your power and skills to enter the Hero vs. Hero Battleground and become the Clan Wars game’s final winner.

The Struggle to Win

In Kingdom of Invaders, your goal is to use your heroes in a strategic way to destroy enemy countries and kill their guards. The game has a unique way to collect coins called the “Spinning Wheel.” This gives your moves an element of chance. Each player has four countries, and two heroes watch over each country. You can ruin their countries by having fewer guards than your opponents.

Unparalleled Kingdom Defense

Join the battle royale league and get lost in a dream quest where protecting your country is the most important thing. In this fascinating fighting fantasy MMO Strategy game, you can fight castle wars, take part in kingdom defense events, and try to become the best hero. The game stands out among competitive multiplayer games because players can own multiple countries and experience an exciting tower battle simulator in the online battle royale league.

The main parts of the Game

1. Battle Arena Clash Game with 3 Kinds of Kingdoms

You can choose from three different kingdoms: the Default kingdom, which you can improve with gold; the VIP kingdom, which you can buy with the black card KOI and which has more defenses; and the NFT kingdom, which has its reasons. NFT countries can only be sold on the “open sea” to change who owns them.

2. Wonderful Characters

Kingdom of Invaders has eight cool and unique characters, each with special skills. Four figures are good with swords, and the others have unique special abilities. You can improve their skills differently, and two more characters will join the game soon.

3. Battle Arena Clash has a lot of levels

Immerse yourself in the game’s deep plot as you go on a quest that spans six interesting parts and 15 maps in each. With its many different plots, this MMO War Strategy game will keep players busy for hours, especially if they like competitive group games with exciting stories.

4. Great Artwork and Animation

See how carefully Kingdom of Invaders has made its stadiums beautiful. Whether in the standard kingdom or the VIP kingdom, you can get with gold or the black card; the style and attention to detail will blow you away. The game’s skilled and hardworking designers have ensured that every venue has a sense of grandeur.

MOD APK version of Kingdom of Invaders

MOD feature

1. Menu
2. God Mode
3. Weak Enemy

1. This game works a bit weird; first match won’t give you coins.
2. You can either up exp(there’s a button on the left side of the screen) or get coins after a match.
3. Do not click on “Claim” after you have ended a match, press Menu button instead. I found pressing on claim ended up not receiving rewards.


Kingdom of Invaders makes the most intense fights possible, letting players show off and improve their fighting skills. As one of the most muscular superheroes, you can stop people who want to rule the world. Explore new places, fight enemies, and improve your fighting skills as you get into the game’s exciting gameplay and story.

Download Kingdom of Invaders MOD APK (God Mode | Weak Enemy) 1.2.17

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