King of Wushu APK V1.0.1- New MOBA Game from Snail Games

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Some time ago, the Snail Games developer has introduced to the entertainment market an attractive MOBA game called King of Wushu. After a long time without any further information, Snail Games suddenly released this game on the mobile platform, supports both Android and iOS for completely free. However, this is only the domestic version in Korea with the Korean language so players may get the language problems when playing the game. Perhaps the international version of King of Wushu will be released soon.

King of Wushu 1

King of Wushu – New MOBA Game from Snail Games

Fascinating tactical gameplay

The game King of Wushu has a completely new style which is totally not like other MOBA games. It combines the features of the MMORPG series. Instead of using the top-down view like other role-playing games, this game has combined the elements from the third-person view, just like shooter games. This is a highlight that the producer use to attract players as well as compete with other games of the same genre. The game battles will take place in the form of real-time PvP and some practice modes.

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With a varied character system, players will be able to choose any character that fits their play style. Each character has unique fighting styles and advantages/disadvantages. Along with that, the weapons system is also very diverse in terms of attacking abilities such as melee like swords or ranged attacks with aiming weapons like bow, crossbow, etc. Players will rely on the character and weapons to create their own tactics, increasing the diversity of the game.

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Wonderful 3D graphics- The highlight of the game

Perhaps the best highlight of King of Wushu is not the unique tactical gameplay but its high-end graphics. The game is powered by CryEngine 3 – one of the most modern imaging technologies available nowadays. Since then, King of Wushu has created an extremely vivid 3D game environment with extremely detailed scenes. From the roads, houses, trees … the shape of the character is extremely sharp. It can be said that King of Wushu will be a big competitor with other games of the same genre thanks to the impressive graphics.

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Download King of Wushu APK

Overall, the game King of Wushu has a super dope graphics background, which is not inferior to other mobile games, along with a new MOBA style gameplay so this will surely be a great game in the future. The only thing that is inconvenient is that King of Wushu has only one Korean version so many players will find it hard to get used to the game. We hope that the international version of King of Wushu will be released soon. If you want to try this great King of Wushu game, just click on the link below of ApkMod.

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