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King Of Hunters 1

King Of Hunters is a new survival game from NetEase, the leading game publisher in China and even the worldwide. Accordingly, this will be a completely new survival game, which means it’s not just a common copy of Fortnite or PUBG. So what is King Of Hunters’ attractiveness? Let’s find it out together in the below article.

King Of Hunters 1

King Of Hunters – NetEase’s new survival game with new novel style

Unique gameplay

Through the image, we can see that King Of Hunters has the familiar survival gameplay, but the style is more like a MOBA game. But the main gameplay of King of Hunters is actually focusing on the Battle Royale mode (like PUBG or Fortnite) with the survival-to-the-last battles. Each round in the game only includes 40 opponents with 2 modes of Duo and Solo for gamers to rank. However, instead of firearms, artillery shells, you will use cold weapons such as sword, bow, spear…. to fight back the opponent. These weapons can create many different effects with virtual magic skills.

King Of Hunters 3

Because of the ancient backdrop full of mystery, you can even use your horse as a vehicle to easily move faster in the game’s vast map. You will have to constantly find the items needed for this survival battle such as armor, shields or adjuvants to help you strengthen yourself. You can find all of the above things by scouring the treasure chests or items randomly, everywhere.

Control system

In addition, the control system is also greatly reduced to suit the mobile experience, including the familiar left-handed virtual keypad and the right-hand set. You can see what weapons you are holding based on the illustration on the attack button. Other action buttons, such as opening doors, picking up items, or taking medications will only appear when you interact with this situation, which makes it easy for the player to control the player without distraction.

King Of Hunters 2

Images and sounds

The game King Of Hunters has a nice 2.5D graphics which is quite simple but the image in the game is still very sharp and realistic. With a top-down view, players will be easier to observe, hunt for the necessary items. The sound effects are well integrated to make King Of Hunters game more alive.

Download King Of Hunters APK

Thanks to the new survival gameplay from King Of Hunters, NetEase has made a big difference with other developers in the line of survival games today. Therefore, King Of Hunters will definitely be a hot game in the near future. Just download the game from the link below to experience it right now!

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