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Updated August 8, 2022 (1 week ago)
Publisher KineMaster Corporation
Require Android6.0 and up
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KineMaster Pro is available at! This amazing video editing app allows you to easily edit your videos turning them into a work of art.


With the strong development of technology, Android smartphones are now able to record movies in 4K HDR. The quality of videos captured with smartphone lenses is comparable to that of professional camcorders. As we all know, video editing is an important step before you publish it in the media. However, most of the default video editors on Android are often outdated and slow. That’s why we always recommend that you find an alternative from a third party.

Thousands of mobile video editing apps have been published on the app market. They bring many different options to give you a headache. Of course, not all of them will suit your needs. Today we bring you the best name in the field, KineMaster.

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About KineMaster

KineMaster is a mobile video editing application developed and published by KineMaster Corporation. With a powerful toolkit and many other outstanding features, KineMaster is one of the best video editors on Android. On the Play Store alone, the application has reached more than 100 million downloads and received more than 4 million positive reviews from users.

KineMaster easily turns your video into a unique product with the amazing features it brings. This application is suitable for most video editing needs of users, from basic to advanced. It requires Android 6.0 or higher and a minimum of 100M of free memory.

Outstanding Features of KineMaster

KineMaster sets itself apart from the rest thanks to the many unique video editing features it offers. Let’s explore the special features of this application with us now.

Many Powerful Tools

KineMaster has all the video editing tools you need. Whether you want to build a professional movie or just add a few simple effects to the video, the application will satisfy you. One of the best capabilities of Kine Master is that it allows you to edit your video on multiple layers and per frame unit. When you create a new project then add videos to start editing, everything is displayed on the timeline.

Timeline is an important component of any video editor. It does not allow spaces. This means that when you delete an element on the timeline, the elements on its right side will move to the left until they merge with the rest. The timeline on KineMaster is unlimited. You can add any edit on it that you want as long as they are supported by the application.

As we mentioned, KineMaster has a diverse set of tools with most of the features you need in a video editor. First, you can do some basic editing on the video such as cropping, rotating, adding color filters, adjusting brightness… Don’t forget to use the slider to control the display time of the elements you’ve added.

If you want to take video color correction to the next level, try the Blending mode. This mode allows you to add different overlays on the video so that they blend together and produce the result you want. Besides, KineMaster provides more options for you to personalize your videos by adding stickers, text, titles, and effects. The text options on KineMaster are very diverse as you can change the font, color, size, and position of the text. The sound effects in the application are also great as you have an EQ to adjust the sound of each video component in the project. And yet, there is a very cool collection of voice-changing effects. It makes your voice sound like a robot, a bird, or a lion…


Unique transition effects

Transitions are an important element in video editing. When you have more than one clip in Project, you need to add transitions between videos to make things smoother. Adding a transition on KineMaster is incredibly easy. When you have two videos side by side, a big plus sign will appear where they connect. You just need to tap on it to add one. In addition to the transitions available from the in-app gallery, KineMaster allows you to download more effects from the Asset Store.

Some transitions in the Asset Store are not free. You need to upgrade your Premium account before downloading it. The collection of transition effects in KineMaster is very diverse. They are divided into different categories such as 3D, Classic, Fun, Picture-in-Picture and Multivideo, Powerful, Sentimental, Presentation, Text, Travel, and Activity.

Many Sample Projects

KineMaster understands that not everyone has the video editing skills of an expert. Therefore, the application has provided more than 100 video templates available for you to choose from. These sample projects already contain all the editing tools and effects applied. Instead of having to do tons of manual editing, you’ve got everything in these sample Projects. All you need is to make some adjustments to Project to make it yours.

Chroma key

Chroma Key is a post-production technique commonly used for professional editing. This technique allows you to remove any color (usually green) in the video to make it transparent. The editor can then replace this background with a video or image they want. You will not often see the Chroma Key feature on mobile video editing applications because it requires high hardware and depends on the developer’s skills. Fortunately, KineMaster supports this feature.

The Chroma Key feature on KineMaster works exactly the same as on PC professional video editors. It allows you to easily remove the background in your video and replace it with one or more other videos. Now you can easily create impressive videos and share them with everyone.

Asset Store

The Asset Store provides resources for you to work on videos. Here you can find all the materials you need including stickers, fonts, effects, and more to make your videos stand out. The resource warehouse on KineMaster is extremely diverse with more than 2000+ different items. The developer also regularly updates new resources on this store.

Note that not all resources in the Store are free. There are quite a few items that require you to upgrade to Premium to use. Overall, if you don’t have too advanced requirements, the free items can still satisfy you. If you want to use all the resources without upgrading to Premium, just use KineMaster MOD that we provide in this article.

Backup and share

When you create a new project on KineMaster, it is saved on your device memory. This file is in the format *kine. Similar to other compressed file formats such as Rar or Zip, *kine files can only be decompressed on a supported application. In this case, you need to use KineMaster if you want to work with files of this format.

Besides storing in device memory, there are many different ways for you to protect your projects. You can upload them to cloud services to make sure they stay safe even if the device is lost or the app is removed. *kine files also ensure your work stays in sync across all devices. As long as your device has KineMaster, you can continue working on projects created from other devices.

KineMaster allows you to share Projects with friends or the community. Once others have your Project files, they can import them on the app and see the edits you’ve made.

Razor sharp quality

KineMaster allows you to export high-quality video. The application supports videos with a maximum resolution of 4k and 60fps. This is the best you can find on a mobile video editor. It means that as long as your device can record videos at 4k 60fps, KineMaster can handle them completely. Your video after editing will keep the original quality.

One note is that the higher the video quality, the longer the processing time on the device. Video output speed depends entirely on your device configuration. Therefore, you don’t always need to export videos in 4K because they can take a long time to process. Videos in full HD were able to meet the needs of normal viewing on mobile screens.

MOD APK of KineMaster

Why should you subscribe to KineMaster Premium?

The standard version of KineMaster is free. However, some advanced features require you to upgrade to a Premium account to use. There are 2 subscription options for the service, $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. There is of course a 7-day free trial option available. The Premium plan offers more benefits and we think it’s worth the upgrade. So what is the advantage of a registered member?

  • First, when you are a Premium Member, you can export videos at the highest quality of 4K, and you can also choose the frame rate and video quality you want. The exported videos also have no watermark.
  • Second, you have access to and use all the paid resources in the app. Simply put, when you become a Premium Member, you can download all the resources in the Asset Store.
  • Finally, KineMaster Premium is ad-free

MOD features

The Premium package is generally worth the upgrade. However, its price can be a problem for many people. That’s why you need this app’s mod. At APKmazon we provide you the latest mod of KineMaster. Here is the information around this mod that you may want to know:

  • Full Subscription Unlocked
  • Full Shop/Assets Access
  • No Watermark
  • Only arm64-v8a
  • (Fix) Export Video


After all, if you are looking for a mobile video editing application, then KineMaster is definitely one of the best choices. The app gives you all the tools you need to work with your videos. Besides, it also uses a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Please download the latest mod version of this app via the link below.

Download KineMaster (MOD PRO Unlocked)

Download (97M)


  • Tap the app name to show the download link.
  • Read our Installation Guide if you haven’t done this before.
  • KineMaster requires Android 6.0 and up, 97M of free memory.
  • We will not be held liable for any damages as a result of the download.
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