Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 5.07

App NameKiller Bean Unleashed
Publisher Killer Bean Studios
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Grab your chance to become a legendary bean killer with action-packed action in Killer Bean Unleashed. This high-speed shooter RPG will give you experiences and sensations you never had before.

About Killer Bean Unleashed

Killer Bean Unleashed is a high-speed shooting role-playing game based on 2D graphics. Killer Bean Studios developed this game to help you relieve stress after a tiring day at work. You will be the one to write your own legendary story with the fierce gun battles of Killer Bean.

The main characters in this game are funny bean man assassins. Although they are small and cute in appearance, their fighting skills are top-notch. You will be surprised by the action of defeating opponents of these bean killers. The challenges that the game brings will stimulate the fighting energy in you.

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The plot of the game

Killer Bean is the main character, accompanying you throughout the trials of Killer Bean Unleashed. He was once an elite member of an assassin organization. However, because of some secrecy, the organization tried to kill him. Now, his mission is no longer to hunt others. Instead, he must find ways to fight those who want to kill him. At the same time, finding out the real reason behind everything is also a goal that he pursues.


All you need to do in Killer Bean Unleashed is fight the enemies and overcome the unexpected challenges they create. The most crucial skills you need are shooting and concentration. It has many levels that challenge your shooting and moving skills. The difficulty will increase gradually to challenge you more.

Killer Bean’s shooting speed is fast, and so is your opponent. You can’t just stand still and fight. Instead, you have to constantly manipulate the buttons to perform the skills of jumping, running, bowing, and dodging bullets. You must be flexible in all situations. Sometimes you need to combine both jumping and shooting at your enemies.

If you want to become a true legend in the game, you must be flexible enough and have good shooting skills. Don’t forget to be mindful of your remaining life. When you use up all your lives, you lose, and game over.

26 levels with dramatic challenges

Each level in Killer Bean Unleashed will challenge your different skills. Your enemies also vary from level to level. You will fight with soldiers, robots, planes, and sometimes giant cannons. The enemy’s attacks will be continuous, and you must constantly make different decisions. Besides, the battle scene is also constantly changing. You will not fight in one place but will fight on many different bases.

You will see the number of enemies you need to destroy with each mission. You will complete the goal when you reach the number given by the game. This number also increases with the level. However, pay attention to your number of lives. The number of lives is fixed. Thus, you must fight effectively. If you fail to complete the challenge, you cannot continue playing in new levels.

Killer Bean Unleashed gameplay

Enjoy the arsenal of Super AMMO

The better your weapon, the higher your fighting power and ability to defeat your enemies in Killer Bean Unleashed. There are different types of weapons to help you shoot down your enemies. Each weapon will have a different damage level. The more enemies you kill, the more points you have to upgrade your weapons. These weapons have higher damage with more ammo and stronger destructive ability. You can change your weapon by tapping the weapon icon. Pay attention to how many bullets you can hit in each shot. In addition, through feats, you can also unlock more advanced skills for Killer Bean.

Unlock the special reward system

Killer Bean Unleashed does not only provide a high-end arsenal but also gives you special rewards. As long as you complete the tasks in the game well and kill many enemies, you will get many points. With the corresponding number of points, you can unlock special rewards. These rewards can be new weapons or even special skills. Some of the new skills include jumping two or three times at once; moving faster, or using more ammo during attacks. Try to complete as many challenges as you can to unlock special skills.

Graphics and sound

Killer Bean Unleashed is designed in an antique 2D style with many realistic ticket lines. The background and colors in the game show the drama and attractiveness of each character’s action.

The drawing is also modern and makes you feel entertained and always comfortable. The characters and surroundings are designed to be bright and full of energy. The details and actions you follow in the game are like a dramatic cartoon.

The combat effect in the game is also impressive and makes you feel excited. Besides, the sound in the game is catchy and makes you feel excited. All of Killer Bean’s actions are accompanied by sounds, especially the attacks.

MOD APK of Killer Bean Unleashed

MOD Info

  • All Weapon Packs Unlocked
  • Unlimited ammo


Don’t miss the chance to become a shooting legend in Killer Bean Unleashed. Download this game now and enjoy the feeling of defeating your enemies.

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