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The Just Cause universe is back and expanded with plenty of action-packed activities in Square Enix’s Just Cause: Mobile. Gamers will experience crazy action beyond all laws right on the phone.

About Just Cause: Mobile

After the success of MARVEL’s Avengers, Square Enix continues to launch a new free-to-play action shooter called Just Cause: Mobile. It is a global development cooperation project in Europe, America, and Japan. This game is exclusively for mobile platforms and is adapted from the famous game series – Just Cause. Therefore, players will know what it feels like to have crazy action scenes beyond all natural laws. Besides, the manufacturer also added many new action elements in the gameplay, creating excitement for players. The world in Just Cause is also expanded with many new missions and locations. This expansion gives you a never-ending playing experience.

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The game’s plot

The main plot of Just Cause: Mobile revolves around the events in the Just Cause universe. It is set in a fictional country called Pradesh. The player will transform into a recruiting officer of the Agent. Your career begins to flourish when the special Agent – Firebrand sends you an invitation. The enemy of this organization was once the Black Hand. However, that is a thing of the past. For now, Darkwaterk is a formidable adversary. They live in darkness and carry out many evil plots to destroy this universe. Therefore, as a member of the organization, you need to ally with other heroes to fight them. You are not only fighting for this organization but also your genocidal feud against Rico Rodriguez.


The gameplay of Just Cause: Mobile focuses on four exciting game modes, including Single-player campaign, Co-op battles, Triple threat multiplayer, and challenge mode. Each mode will have its own story, challenges, and setbacks. These distinct elements help you explore the vast open world of the Just Cause universe.

Just Cause Mobile apk gameplay

Sharpen your skills with the Single-player campaign

The single-player mode is a massive training mission that makes you strong and increases your chances of defeating Darkwater. The location is a military base with various areas and training sessions. Harper will be your companion and guide in every mission. Just Cause: Mobile will give you time to get used to the on-screen controls like the grappler, move, or attack buttons.

After getting used to the controls, you need to perform missions to improve your combat skills. Also, you are taught how to fly a helicopter through the forests. Every time you complete a task, Harper will lead you to a new location to experience a different fighting skill. A unique feature is that you do not participate in training alone. Many other players are also brought there and trained with you.

Challenge other players in Triple threat multiplayer

In Co-op battles mode, the game allows players to team up with friends online to fight together. This mode can accommodate up to 30 players. There will be three teams playing together to fight with ten people each. The teams’ mission is to compete in challenges with AI, earn points while using the arsenal, or control barracks with massive vehicles. The rewards of winning teams are enormous. That is, gold coins, materials, and equipment needed to upgrade the character.

Improve teamwork with Co-op battles

Teamwork is an indispensable element in the battles against the Darkwaterk forces. Therefore, the missions that Just Cause: Mobile provides also do not escape this element. You will not be training and fighting alone. Instead, you can coordinate up to 4-person teams to complete challenging missions. Co-op missions are varied, from fighting tanks or robots to searching the required locations. The waves of enemy attacks in these missions are quite large. However, each completed mission will give you different resources. Therefore, you need to choose good guns and shoot continuously to take them down fast.

Just Cause Mobile apk features

Challenge yourself with Challenge mode

Challenge mode helps you know where your limits are. It does not limit you to the usual challenges. Instead, you have the right to seek out new challenges to test your skills. Its measure is the score you get during the challenge. Therefore, you need to get the highest score through three particular challenges, including Destruction, Wingsuit, and Race. Try to complete these challenges for great rewards.

Customize equipment, weapons, and vehicles

Just Cause: Mobile allows players to customize different types of weapons and equipment: the parachute, wingsuit, functional armor, clothes, and grappler. Each gear has a level and can be upgraded to improve combat power. Besides the equipment, the weapon system is quite impressive. Each weapon has a different fighting ability. They are SW9 Assault Rifles, JC2 Machine Guns, AT7 RPGs or AK 103s, etc. Depending on the different missions, you can upgrade and change the gun accordingly. In addition, the vehicle in the game gives you a full combat feeling. You will be controlling helicopters or large armored vehicles in destruction missions.

MOD APK of Just Cause®: Mobile

The game is currently only available in certain countries. In case you can’t find it on your country’s Play Store, you can download and install it for free here.

How to install

This application has a new build format, so you need to install it through SAI (Split APKs Installer). Detailed installation instructions are in the application.


High-quality 3D graphics, responsive touch controls, unique movement systems, and four exciting game modes will be what you experience in Just Cause: Mobile. Download this action game now because it’s free!

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