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Jurassic World Alive MOD APK (Unlimited Energy, VIP) 3.4.31

Jurassic World Alive MOD APK – Jurassic World Dinosaurs are ALIVE in our world and roaming free!

App NameJurassic World Alive
Publisher Inc.
MOD InfoUnlimited Energy, VIP
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About Jurassic World Alive

Enter the exciting world of Jurassic World Alive, where prehistoric reptiles roam the Earth again and take players on an unforgettable journey of wonder and terror.

Set off on an adventure and discover the fascinating Jurassic World creatures lurking around every corner. Get ready to meet some well-known species and brand-new, mind-blowingly incredible ones that will blow your mind.

Explore the Universe, Free Your Creativity

The program uses state-of-the-art location-based technology to guide you on a fantastic adventure in your neighborhood. As you explore the prehistoric landscape before you, you never know what fascinating species you could face to face with.

Putting Together a Complete Set of Dinosaurs

Embark on a hunt for unique and beautiful dinosaurs as you work to keep your collection of extinct creatures healthy and thriving. To create dinosaur hybrids that defy expectations, one must venture into the lab, where scientific norms are broken. The potential outcomes of genetic engineering in Jurassic World Alive are wide open.

Fight Magnificent Conflicts

Create your strike force and get ready for heart-pounding PvP combat in real-time. Test the mettle of your individualized dinosaurs in intense, turn-based battles. Establish your supremacy in the thrilling world of this app by showing off your abilities and challenging your friends to earn unique prizes.

Benefit, Store Up, and Spread the Awe

Visit the Supply Drops deliberately placed near you to increase your resources and earn valuable prizes while you participate in the battle. Use these openings to increase your dinosaur knowledge and expand your collection. Share unique augmented reality (AR) photographs and films of your renowned dinosaur collection to capture the amazement and astonishment of your audience.

Possibilities for Membership

Jurassic World Alive provides a monthly membership for US$9.99 to improve the viewing experience. Sales taxes and the nation you reside in may cause pricing to change. To complete the transaction, customers must sign in with their Google Account (if they have yet to do so) and confirm the charge to their Google Account.

Membership Information: If you do not cancel during the last 24 hours of your current membership month, your subscription will be automatically renewed for another period of the same length. After making a purchase, customers may enter their Account Settings to handle subscriptions and turn off automatic renewal. A renewal fee will be applied to your account around 24 hours before the end of the current month. Please be aware that you cannot cancel your existing subscription while still active. If a trial term is provided, all remaining time on the trial will be lost when a subscription is purchased.

Technical Compatibility and Factors to Consider

The app works on Android 5.1 and later operating systems. Remember that leaving GPS on in the background for an extended period might negatively impact battery life.

License Agreement and Terms

Installing Jurassic World Alive indicates acceptance of the license agreements. Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. have licensed and protected this exciting game. Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. own all connected trademarks and copyrights, including Jurassic World and any associated marks and logos. All legal rights are reserved for Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.2018 Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.

Warning About Item Purchases In-Game

The program offers a free-to-play service. However, players should be informed that certain downloadable content may be purchased with real money. Be careful and think things through before making any in-game purchases.

The App Invites You to Enter Jurassic World

Playing Jurassic World Alive is like being transported to a prehistoric planet brimming with life. Put yourself as an intrepid paleontologist on a mission to recover ancient dinosaur DNA and bring these magnificent beasts back to life. The game’s incorporating of VR technology allows for incredibly lifelike encounters and will enable players to participate in exciting chases and intriguing hunts.

Creating a Giant Dinosaur Museum

The virtual technology used in the game successfully recreates the excitement of the Jurassic period. You’ll go on an exciting adventure in search of elusive dinosaurs. Quickly snag DNA samples placed in deserts, parks, and other fascinating environments with the camera function as your go-to tool.

You’ll find and collect various dinosaurs, each with quirks and aesthetics as you go. The app world is home to over a hundred different kinds of dinosaurs, ranging from vast and terrifying to cute and docile. You are responsible for more than collecting these ancient wonders; you must feed them regularly and watch them develop from infants to adults. Indulge in the science of dinosaur breeding to expand your collection with fascinating new hybrid species that defy explanation.

Unleashing Virtual Reality’s Potential for the Gaming Industry

When you fire up Jurassic World Alive, you’ll be greeted with faithful recreations of scenes from the ancient world’s most impressive landmarks. The virtual reality technology used in the game takes it to the next level by allowing players to become one with the prehistoric world. The game’s sound design is exceptionally executed, further enhancing the game’s realism and authenticity, from the earth-shattering vibrations of a dinosaur’s footfall to the eerie cries of a flock. Engaging in risky rescue operations strengthens your bond with these magnificent animals and increases your admiration for them.

Explore the Unknown World of the Dinosaurs

The game is a must-have if you are interested in dinosaurs. There’s a wide variety of exciting things to do in the game to satisfy your every fancy. You’ll be able to transform into a proficient hunter and go on exciting missions to find and capture the ever-larger dinosaurs that have escaped into the city. The daily grind takes on a new level of excitement when you know that gigantic dinosaurs are just out of reach.

Learn to form an unbreakable friendship with your dinosaur companions as you explore the wonders of the prehistoric world. Get their DNA and use it to make some unique variants. The game captures the dinosaur environment’s immensity and majesty, making every moment of the quest an adventure. Jurassic World Alive promises to provide unmatched happiness and contentment, so buckle up for a fascinating trip through time.

MOD APK version of Jurassic World Alive

MOD feature

  • Menu Mod
  • Unlimited Battery
  • Unlimited Dart
  • Vip Enabled


Jurassic World Alive provides an exciting and in-depth experience that does incredible things with dinosaurs. Players may use VR technology to experience new environments, hunt for rare relics, breed new species, fight in massive battles, and show off their famous collections to the world. Whether you’re a die-hard Jurassic Park fan or just looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Jurassic World Alive will take you back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth freely. Get started on your incredible adventure to become the best dinosaur trainer right now!

Download Jurassic World Alive MOD APK (Unlimited Energy, VIP) 3.4.31

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