JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App
JotNot Pro – PDF Scanner App

JotNot Pro - PDF Scanner App MOD APK (Paid) 2.0.2

JotNot is the first and best PDF scanner app, trusted by millions of users.

App NameJotNot Pro - PDF Scanner App
Publisher MobiTech 3000 LLC
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About JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro is a cutting-edge document scanner program that allows users to transform paper documents into digital versions while maintaining high accuracy and ease in the process. JotNot Pro is the original document scanner program, and notable media publications like The New York Times, TechCrunch, and MacWorld UK endorse it. Millions of users use it in over 150 different countries, and all of these customers trust it. JotNot Pro is the ultimate solution that removes the need for paper documents and simplifies your life. Whether you need to scan receipts, contracts, business cards, notes, recipes, or images, JotNot Pro is your best bet.

Paper Can Be Replaced With JotNot Pro

You can preserve your papers, keep them in a digital format, and view them at any time and from any location with the help of JotNot Pro. You are relieved of transporting cumbersome receipts in your wallet, cramming your file cabinet with tax documents, or struggling with notes dispersed throughout your desk. JotNot Pro can assist you in streamlining your work processes, increasing your productivity, and decreasing your environmental impact.

Check Everything with the JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro provides various scanning capabilities to satisfy your many different requirements. You may store scanned documents like contracts, receipts, expense forms, or business cards in the cloud using JotNot Pro’s scanning capabilities. Sheet music may be reviewed and sent to music software like ForScore, and drawings can be scanned and exported to a drawing program. In addition, you may use the scanner to take notes in the classroom or during meetings by scanning whiteboards or presentations.

You’ll Have No Problem Sharing Your Scans with JotNot Pro

You can share your scans straightforwardly and hassle-free thanks to JotNot Pro. You can email your scans as PDFs or automatically upload all of your files to services like OneNote, Dropbox, and Google Drive with OCR. You can upload individual files to an even more significant number of cloud services, such as Box and Evernote. JotNot Pro also enables you to send reliable faxes to fifty different countries (using this feature, which requires a separate software called JotNot Fax) and exchange documents with a PC using WiFi.

Scanning That Is Both Effortless and Advanced Using JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro makes use of sophisticated image processing algorithms that can identify edges and process photos in such a way as to get rid of shadows, adjust contrast, and get the white balance exactly right. You can scan in several settings, including full color, black & white, and others, and convert scans to PDF. You also can scan multiple-page documents quickly and easily.

Further Characteristics of the JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro provides a comprehensive selection of additional features that can improve both the quality of your user experience and the safety of your data. You can lock the app with a password, safeguard essential files with a password, tag documents, and search for documents using either the tag or the document’s name. You may keep them organized by sorting the files by name or date, renaming them, or deleting them.

The price of JotNot Pro

JotNot Pro is a one-time purchase that excludes automatically repeating charges or subscriptions but provides access to various, more sophisticated capabilities. Sending a fax takes credits, which may be purchased through the app as an in-app purchase.

Get Individual Assistance from JotNot Pro’s Developers

At JotNot Pro, we provide the highest quality customer service and user experience possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any concerns, questions, or issues, and we will do our best to help you.


Regarding document scanning applications, JotNot Pro is a step forward in innovation. JotNot Pro provides the most comprehensive answer to the problem of transforming paper documents into digital versions because of its highly developed and practical scanning features, extensive scanning capabilities, and user-friendly sharing choices. The one-time payment mechanism assures affordability and transparency, while the extra features improve the user experience and the level of protection offered by the product. This makes JotNot Pro the perfect tool for everyone who wishes to simplify their lives, lessen their impact on the environment, and improve the efficiency of their work processes.

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