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Yodo1 Games is also one of the most popular publishers of highly addictive entertainment game titles. The producer has been very successful with many games such as Room of Doom, Rodeo Stampede. And recently, Yodo1 Games continues to release a new style of entertainment game with io style that is extremely attractive called Jellynauts.

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Jellynauts were recently introduced by the Yodo 1 Games producer in late January. The game will be released on two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS, for free. Thus players can easily download games for the experience. This is a fairly simple type of entertainment game on the theme of the fight between the extremely delicate fruit. With this new theme, Jellynauts will definitely give players the most exciting experience in the early part of 2018. Here ApkMod will introduce you the most prominent features of this Jellynauts game along with how to download games on your device.

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Jellynauts- New fruit fight game 2018

Interesting gameplay

The game Jellynauts is developed in the familiar io style. When you participate in the game, you will only need to collect all the colorful energy that is scattered around while taking the battle with other players. After defeating them you will multiply the amount of experience to play more grow stronger. As the gameplay is simply to find the kill and survive, you will quickly enter the game and have fun with the game.

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This game also has different features from other io games. Jellynauts also allow players to have the necessary equipment such as swords, wand, or even a pan to make fruit jelly. He is a magical witch who uses magical attacks on enemies from afar or a knight with powerful attacks. Moreover, the rune system or skill points with a myriad of options for players to upgrade, such as transforming giant monsters … There is a colorful variety of gameplay made for you to experience the experience.

Another very interesting game that players love about the Jellynauts is the freedom mode for all or calling friends to help in the fierce 5vs5 battles. With 5vs5 matches, you will be able to show your fighting skills to your friends and opponents around the world. You can get prizes are new costumes or jewelry to beautify your main character (there are hundreds of different styles to choose from).

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Images and sounds

Game Jellynauts are developed in io style is quite simple, so only equipped with 2D graphics is enough. However, every picture in the game is still very sharp with bright colors, highlights. Especially the shape of the characters are extremely cute fruit and fun. In the fruit war, there will be visual effects created to make the game more alive. In addition to that, background music and sound effects are also incorporated into the game in a sensible way. Overall, the visuals and sound of the game Jellynauts are carefully invested manufacturers, giving players the best experience.

Download Jellynauts MOD Apk for Android, iOS

Here we can see that the Jellynauts game is really funny with completely new style, not as complicated as the current action or tactics games. The Jellynauts will be a unique game in the world in the near future. You can download the Jellynauts game on your device via the link below to experience it completely free.

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