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Island Survial MOD APK (Health, No Hungry, Thirst, Speed) 1.44

Island Survial MOD APK – Enjoy lost island survivor adventure trip in ocean island survival games offline

App NameIsland Survial
Publisher Game Stone
MOD InfoHealth, No Hungry, Thirst, Speed
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About Island Survial

In the open-world action game Island Survial, you can go on an exciting trip to stay alive. Imagine being stuck on an island by yourself, surrounded by a vast ocean of wild animals. When you wake up after a shipwreck, you find yourself fighting for life against not only the wild animals on the island but also other desperate people who have lived there for hundreds of years. You can only afford to trust people if you try to get around this dangerous, useless land.

A Wild Animal Adventure in the Middle of Nowhere

Your struggle to stay alive in the hopeless land occurs in a dangerous desert. Wild animals roam freely in this jungle survival shooting game; if you aren’t ready, you could become their next meal. Will you hunt, or will you be hunted? You are the only one who can make a choice. In the game’s open world, you have to make tools, run, track, and fight to stay alive. It’s time to avoid, run away from, and kill the wild animals that live on the island. Collect materials to ensure your life. Build a cover to protect yourself from bad weather, and put water away for the next few days. Gather rocks because there may be armed people in this lost land. In this wild animal shooting survival game, time moves cruelly and uncivilized.

Stay alive with a companion.

In this open-world survival game, you can look around the island for your partner, Linda. As you move through the game, you will run into packs of wild wolves always trying to kill you. Can you handle the tasks on your own in this Island Survial game? Do you have the skills you need to stay alive? Don’t worry because the offline Hunger Games has directions that will help you get through it and give you a chance to live through this exciting journey.

Build a boat and try to get away

The hunting and living game mode tests your skills in the most exciting ways. Use an axe to cut down trees and collect items to build a house. On the island, you can drink coconut water to quench your thirst. This is your chance to live out your wildest dream of living in the woods by playing the best shooting game.

Strategies for Living on the Island

Never surrender hope! Make an axe out of hardwood to cut down trees and gather firewood. Drink coconut water and eat apples from the trees to keep yourself alive. Keep an eye out for wild bears, wolves, and other animals that live on the island. In this real Island Survial experience, you must build a fire at night to keep dangerous animals away. Use your hunting skills to hunt and eat animals to stay alive until help comes from the outside world.

A Dangerous Trip with Linda

The hardest thing for you and Linda to do on this island is to stay alive. Trust your senses, look out for Linda, and fight the wolves trying to kill you. This game is for people who want the most challenging task possible, where wild animals are always a threat and eating weak animals is a way of life. Join this exciting survival task and try to become the survival hero you want to be.

Why Pick the Game?

Immerse yourself in the beautiful 3D landscape of the island, which sets the stage for your survival. Take on many survival tasks in this land with a need for hope. Build a place to live, hunt for food, and look for raw materials to ensure you can stay alive. Prepare for a fantastic survival experience as you hunt wolves, fight bears, and explore the ocean island. This survival shooting game is fun because the controls are easy to use, and the game world is real.

Getting to know a new aspect of survival

Island Survial gives players a new way to think about survival as they learn to use what’s around them and change to get by on the island. The game has a unique first-person view that lets players fully get into the part of a long-time survivor.

Explore the vast island to stay alive

Exploration is a big part of surviving in Island Survial. The big island is the key to getting through its most challenging times. Players who go deeper into the island will find more resources, making each trip more fun and satisfying. But when night comes, it gets dark, and there are hidden risks. This makes exploring feel more urgent and exciting.

Craft and build things to help you stay alive

Players must learn how to make and build to do well. As night falls, new animals and dangers emerge, so building shelters is the most important thing to do. These buildings not only keep you safe from threats that come out at night, but they also store valuable items. They let you rest, save your progress, and speed up the game. The game’s advanced and automated building support system allows players to build complex structures.

Fight and steal from the island

Combat is a crucial part of staying alive and getting valuable things. Players must use the guns and tools they make on the island to protect themselves and get supplies. Defeating the different creatures on the island gives you a lot of valuable items, which helps you look for a way off the island and find new paths to hope.

Get lost in a foreign wilderness

Island Survial’s beautiful graphics and images create a compelling atmosphere that pulls players into a world of wild places. Every feature adds to the game’s realism, from the animals’ detailed designs to how they interact with the surroundings. Players can even change the natural scenery by interacting with it in the real world, making their paradise in the island’s wild beauty.

Find out about abandoned buildings

Even though the island has been abandoned for a long time, it still has a lot of buildings and places to explore. These sites usually have helpful tools, things, and resources that are important for life. Some areas could even act as safe havens or suitable bases. As you explore the island more, you’ll find even more unique places full of possibilities and wonders.

MOD APK version of Island Survial

MOD feature

  • Heal player
    No Hunger
    No Thirst
    Move Speed Multiplier


Island Survial offers a new and thrilling survival experience on a vast, wild island, where the genre’s true spirit comes to life. With its many features, complex systems, and realistic encounters, the game gives players a lot of chances to test their survival skills and learn more about how to stay alive for a long time.

Download Island Survial MOD APK (Health, No Hungry, Thirst, Speed) 1.44

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