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iOS Widgets MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.2.7 (302087)

App NameiOS Widgets
Version3.2.7 (302087)
Publisher Dita Cristian Ionut
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play

Turn the display of your Android smartphone into an iPhone with just a few quick and simple taps. That’s what iOS Widgets Premium can do. It will help your smartphone always be beautiful, luxurious, and convenient.

About iOS Widgets Premium

iOS Widgets is an app that helps you change the default widgets on your Android smartphone. By creating widgets and changing themes, you can completely turn your device into an iPhone. At the same time, iOS Widgets aim to personalize the smartphone user experience highly. Therefore, you can create as many widgets as possible or adjust themes. Let’s discover more about this app with APKmazon in this article.

iOS Widgets Premium APK

Turn your Android smartphone into an iPhone.

Widgets are the most intelligent, convenient, and wonderful thing on smartphones. They help you display all the applications’ vital information right on the device’s screen. As a result, you can easily track the helpful information you want. Also, this is very handy and saves you time accessing those apps.

In my opinion, iOS Widgets on iPhones are the best. They have a sophisticated, striking, and elegant design. Moreover, they always bring a friendly feeling whenever the user looks at them.

But what to do when you use an Android smartphone? – The answer is simple, use the iOS Widgets MOD APK app.

How to use iOS Widgets Premium

iOS Widgets MOD APK is an app that’s easy to use and operate. In fact, this app has a relatively user-friendly design that makes it easy for users to interact with the features. But if you are still learning to use iOS Widgets, then let me help you.

First of all, you will need to download the iOS Widgets APK app to your smartphone. I highly recommend you download it at to experience the app’s full features. Once the download is complete, please access the app for the first time.

Further, you need to go back to the main screen of the device. Then, touch and hold a space on the screen. After that, select the “Widgets” icon. On the other hand, you can also touch and hold directly on some apps to customize widgets for them.

Finally, you can slide the widgets to any place you want after creating the widget on your home screen.

Customize your smartphone themes

This app will bring you all the experience of the iPhone theme on your Android smartphone. You can even use Dark Mode. Creating widgets on the screen allows you to experience the feeling of using a real iPhone.

Besides, you can also move and place widgets anywhere on the screen. Moreover, you can adjust their display size if you want. In addition, iOS Widgets MOD APK also supports users’ ability to hide apps on App Drawer.

iOS Widgets Premium features

Adjust Control Center

Besides the above features, you can create widgets for the control center. At the same time, you can also add features or quick access shortcuts. More specifically, you can create widgets to access wifi, airplane mode, sound, Bluetooth, camera, and more.

The ability to add shortcuts in the control center widget is unlimited. Therefore, you can add many features for quick access on your smartphone.

Photo Widgets

Photo Widget is my favorite thing about smartphones. More specifically, they can display the photos on your device on the screen again. At the same time, you can also interact with them by swiping or tapping to switch images.

At the same time, you can also adjust the size of the photo widget if you want. iOS Widgets MOD APK supports users to customize photo widgets in two states, “Small” and “Wide.” Of course, they will also give different image display quality.

What’s more, the photo widget is also capable of displaying your commemorative photos. In addition, the photo widget will display images from this day in previous years or pictures related to your current location or task. Sometimes it will show random photos in the gallery. On the other hand, you can also manually select the images to display on it.

Calendar View

Calendar Widget is a handy feature on smartphones. Besides the usual calendar display, it also supports you in displaying the notes or events you have added. At the same time, the calendar widget also can adjust the display size. I usually put them on the first page of the screen. Thanks to that, I can easily track and check my to-dos.

Weather Widgets

One of the needs when using my smartphone is to monitor the outdoor weather. That’s why weather widgets are so crucial to me. You can easily create weather widgets with the iOS Widgets app. At the same time, it also can adjust the size to display more information. In addition, you can also interact with it to change the weather forecast in various areas.

And many more widgets.

Besides the handy features mentioned above, iOS Widgets also supports users to create many different widgets. I’m talking about the gadgets of Digital Clock, Music, News, Google, Spotify, Tasks Manager, Device Information, and more.

Compatible with all devices

Packed with features, iOS Widgets are an easy-to-use app. Moreover, this app is relatively light and can be compatible with many smartphone devices. More specifically, you only need about 10MB of device space to install this app. Furthermore, iOS Widgets only require Android OS version 5.0 or higher to work. Therefore, this is a user-friendly and convenient app for everyone.

MOD APK of iOS Widgets Premium

“iOS Widgets” is a free app on Google Play. You can easily download and install them. However, the accessible version of this app is quite limited. For example, some features of creating or adjusting Widgets will be locked. You can only experience all the features when you pay to unlock the iOS Widgets PRO version.

Your best solution is downloading and installing iOS Widgets MOD APK PRO Unlocked for free at our blog. This means that you can experience all the features without paying any money.

Premium Features

  • More Widgets to create & use
  • Adjust the visibility of Widgets
  • Ads-free

MOD Info

  • Pro Unlocked
  • Free download on


If you want a fresh perspective on your smartphone, then iOS Widgets will be the perfect app. With this app, you can customize any widget for your smartphone apps as you like. It must be recognized that iOS Widgets bring a very high level of personalization to users on their smartphones. Please click the link below to download and install iOS Widgets MOD APK Pro Unlocked for free.

Download iOS Widgets MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.2.7 (302087)

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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