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Have you ever experienced sketching ideas and taking notes vividly without using pen and paper? If not, let INKredible PRO turn your finger into a pen and your phone screen into a notebook so that you can take notes most uniquely.

About INKredible PRO

Pen and paper no longer seem to be the most popular note-taking tool in today’s 4.0 world. Instead, a series of note-taking apps with convenient features were released. One of them is INKredible PRO, which WriteOn develops. It is a handwriting application that supports users’ preferences customize. You can create unique handwriting notes with a screen like a blank page and the nib as your finger.

Also, it is compatible with many types of the stylus, helping you to write more efficiently. Instead of entering characters like other note-taking apps, you can choose the nib, pen color, and even type of paper to jot information down. The attraction of this tool is that it removes excess strokes and palm rejection, making the writing clean. Let’s find out the unique features that make it trusted by 5,000,000+ users.

Intuitive interface with fully functional toolbar

The feeling of opening INKredible PRO is similar to opening a miniature notebook. The toolbar on the left side of the screen shows full of options from pen type, opacity, stroke thickness, pen stroke customization to select the type of paper you want. In particular, every time you touch the screen, the toolbar and functions will automatically hide. On the opposite, select the pin key if you want the taskbar always to be visible. It will always appear on the left side of the screen for you to tap and use right away.

Besides, this tool provides you with the full features of a text editor. You can delete, undo, save or export, etc. Also, it allows you to keep your font and paper settings for later use. You only need to select the function to preserve history. If you have any questions during use, click on the question mark icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. Instructions for the function in the tool will appear.

Automatically round text and remove redundant details

People often worry about smudged and rough handwriting, whether writing with a finger or a stylus. However, when using INKredible PRO, that is no longer a problem. This tool offers auto-rounding that will make your strokes softer. Your handwriting will not be rough or unsightly. Besides, it supports removing redundant details on your work. It will delete the redundant details when you accidentally get rid of them. Your work will always be clean, and the handwriting will always be in perfect condition. Note you should not bold the written text because this feature will automatically remove those strokes.

Palm Rejection

One disadvantage when using a stylus that people often encounter is that the palm touches the screen. It quickly causes the work to be destroyed and deteriorate many times. INKredible PRO provides Palm Rejection mode, which minimizes this problem. The screen in the tool only accepts the touch of a stylus or the action of your finger. For other redundant effects, it will recognize and remove itself. Therefore, you never see the appearance of scribbles in the process of completing the work.

Line Alignment Tool

Select the alignment function if you are not used to writing on a blank page without lines. Lines will be pre-aligned on your writing area when this feature is enabled. You only need to write the necessary content as you would write on a notebook page. With this feature, your text is always neatly aligned. Misspelled or scribbled will not appear. Hence, your work is always perfect.

Choose from a variety of paper types to write on

Paper material affects your text a lot. Not only allow you to use a single type of paper for writing, but INKredible PRO also offers a variety of papers to express your ideas. Some types of paper will be free. However, you need to pay to use higher grade papers. These types of writing will be designed with different textures and qualities. Therefore, its color also has a difference. Depending on the purpose, you can choose the appropriate type of paper.

Add effects

Compared to conventional handwriting, digital pen documents allow you to do more unique customizations. Does your text look too boring? Let’s add effects to make them come to life.

The application also allows you to insert other objects to illustrate the text, including stickers, images, charts etc. Overall, INKredible PRO provides all the necessary tools for you to present your text in the coolest and unique way possible.

File export and cross-platform sharing

After writing and editing your work, you can export the file to save to your device or share it on social networking sites. It has three file types, including .ink (editable), image, and PDF. By default, the output file will be the whole work. Therefore, if your work has a lot of small text, you can export the image file and crop them later. The output quality is quite good, keeping the quality of your work to the maximum.

Besides, INKredible PRO also provides cross-platform sharing. With this feature, you can save your draft and then edit and complete the work on another device. It will keep all your settings for you to continue editing quickly.

MOD APK of INKredible PRO

INKredible PRO is the paid version of this app on the Play Store. The Pro version of course offers many better benefits than the standard version. First, you have access to the full range of resources in the app. Next, all advanced features have also been unlocked. And finally, you have a completely pleasant using experience when all the ads have been removed.

Not ready to buy INKredible PRO on the Play Store? Don’t worry, it’s available now for free at APKmazon!

Mod info

Paid/Patched: The app costs $1.99 on the Play Store however you can install and use it for free at our blog.


Stay up to date with the new handwriting note trend by using the modern and valuable features INKredible PRO offers. Download the app now and create unique handwriting notes in your style.

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