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  • Platforms: Android 4.4+
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  • Latest Version: 2.25.2
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  • Date Updated: April 15, 2019

Ingress Prime – Niantic’s top AR game released internationally

Many people think that Pokemon GO is the first AR game that Niantic published that has created a terrible trend in 2016. But in fact, Niantic previously had another interesting AR game called Ingress Prime. This game was released for the first time in Japan, so it was not popular with the rest of the world. Ingress Prime is the foundation for Niantic to create the ultimate arcade game Pokemon GO. So many people only known Pokémon GO that the producer released two years ago. So far, they have been very successful with Pokemon GO. And now, the new game Ingress Prime is officially released for the Android platform in the worldwide.

Ingress Prime 1

Ingress Prime was officially released for the Android with the international version on November 7, and it’s totally free. This Ingress Prime game, although not as well-known as the Pokemon GO, is still very popular, especially in Japan. And now that the international version has been released, players around the world have been able to experience this amazing AR game. Please together with ApkMazon to find out what the game Ingress Prime has and how to download it.

Ingress Prime – Attractive adventure gameplay

Ingress Prime APK is developed with a sophisticated science-fiction story that is dubbed and narrated meticulously. The special feature of this game is that the important clues in the game will be posted on the social network, players must actively seek to gain their advantage. Then they will be able to discover the truth behind the “Niantic Project” that plays a huge role in the game’s storyline.

Ingress Prime 2

With the familiar gameplay of Ingress Prime, players will interact with the outside world, with an authentic experience. Players will have to move to different locations, interact with other players in the same area, not just holding the phone and sitting in a playground like the normal games. At the beginning of the game, players will use their devices to play through a map representing their surrounding area. The map has a black background and is completely unmarked. However, the roads and some of the buildings included in the game’s database will be marked in gray for easy identification.

Ingress Prime 3

The game will have two sides for the player to choose – The Enlightened or The Resistance. The battle for the territory and resources of the two parties will take place on a regular basis, and players need to occupy, hold and link the portals to protect and occupy the enemy’s territory. On the map, players can see the extraterrestrial materials ports (XM), links, control areas and items that have been removed from the inventory of any player. In order to interact with these objects, the player must approach them, so they must constantly move to play the game.

In order to win the battles, players in the same team will have to well interact with each other. And the most important thing in team games is always the strategy, players need to create a reasonable strategy. While playing, the players must help each other to create unity and bring victory for the whole team.

Ingress Prime 4

In conclusion

As mentioned above, the game Ingress Prime APK was first released in Japan, and Japanese gamers loved this game so much. This game is so popular in Japan that the battles taking place at late night in the relics and temples make local people afraid and the police have to stop that. And now the game Ingress Prime has officially released the international version, players can easily download the game experience. With the real-world interactive nature, we can create community game events in public areas, which will be very fun! Just join with your friends in Ingress Prime to create a super dope team!

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Download Ingress Prime APK

Overall, Ingress Prime is a great AR game that you should not miss in the coming future. Finally, just select the appropriate link below to download Ingress Prime for your device. There will be two original versions from Google Play, AppStore and even the Ingress Prime APK if you need it.

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