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Today ApkMod will bring you a very interesting entertainment game, and to some extent, it is addictive. The game is called Infinity Run. This is the latest entertainment game which has recently been released in early July by AMANOTES PTE, a well-known game publisher. Accordingly, it will be a simple entertainment game about the adventure of the ball with so much catchy music. So what’s the funniest thing of Infinity Run?

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Infinity Run – AMANOTES PTE’s Entertainment Music Game

Interesting music gameplay

Infinity Run is developed with the most addictive style and the music gameplay. The game is about the adventure of a ball rolling at high speed on the road. When you participate in the game, you will control this ball and adventure with the funny background music. Your task in this game is to catch up with the high speed of the slope and overcome a lot of obstacles that are laid out on the path of the ball. The point here is that you have to keep pace with the speed of the music to move properly.

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Following this path, you will together with the ball rolling continuously through different levels, discover the mystery and interesting things behind the game. Gradually, the speed of the rolling ball on the road will get faster and faster as you pass more levels of the game and controlling the ball will be more difficult. How many challenges can you overcome in this Infinity Run music game?

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Main features

  • Try to overcome 100 exciting challenges in the game
  • Ranks up by collecting XP
  • Collect 50 balls (including 5 secrets)
  • Experience, get rewarded every day
  • Unlock 25 racing cars
  • Compare your high scores with players all over the world
  • Keep up with the cleverest players around the world

Graphics and sound

The game Infinity Run is equipped with a sharp 2.5D graphics platform to bring you the best picture quality of an entertaining game. With bright colors, the game will catch the attention of all players right from the first experience. The most important thing is the sound system, because Infinity Run is a music game, so incorporating sound effects and background music is very important, and Infinity Run has done it very well.

Download Infinity Run MOD APK

Infinity Run is considered one of the most addictive games in the genre of music games combined with colorful balls of all shapes. And Infinity Run’s gameplay will keep players constantly experiencing without boring. This game is currently extremely popular with many players around the world. If you like Infinity Run, you can download it from the link below to experience for completely free.

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