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Infinite Heroes: Afk Idle Game APK 31.03

Battle, enjoy the glory of victory and its rewards! Join Infinite Heroes now!

App NameInfinite Heroes: Afk Idle Game
RequireAndroid 4.4 up
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Infinite Hero is a mobile idle RPG from the manufacturer 博文. In Norn’land, you can call on legendary heroes from different cultures to make your epic League of Legends team. You can teach them skills to improve their abilities, improve their gear, turn them into living weapons, and put together the best Mobile Legends team anyone has ever seen. Besides, players can lead their elite army to fight against powerful bosses. The game provides numerous challenges, such as the fire monster and the awakened dragon. Enjoy the glory of victory and its rewards. Your epic army will even collect rewards when you AFK to help you rebuild your monarch.

Key features

Summoning Mythical Heroes

In this game, the player can summon heroes from 6 leagues to his side. Gather teams of mages, supports, tanks, warriors, and more. to start with enemies, monsters and awaken your dragon. Each faction benefits from the formation and advantages of the faction. Players need to learn the strength of each hero and their faction. Having tested these legends, you can become the best player in this game.

In addition, you also have to choose for yourself the development path of the hero. Specifically, you can choose a progression route from various add-on boards and artifacts to give your heroes a variety of possible RPG-style builds. You have full control over each of the attributes, strengths, and weaknesses of each of your mobile legends.

PVP Battles

In PVP mode, you will face off against other players for greater glory and more valuable rewards. Specifically, you need to change the squad to suit each match, choose the best heroes and rank up in fierce arenas. In addition, you can invite or control players of one server or another to become the top warrior in the online game. This is the highlight of this game.

Fight with epic bosses

In order for the game not to be repeated, the manufacturer has brought you a full range of bosses. After each match with them, you can get bigger profits. In particular, after defeating the awakened dragon, the kingdom of chaos, the altar of darkness has stronger equipment. However, players will also have to consider carefully when fighting these bosses because they are very strong. Your character must be well-developed with full-power equipment to win.


This game allows you to decide your level of participation. You can actively participate in every battle or form your team to explore and fight in leisure mode on your own. With one AFK you can end the war and get the rewards instantly, which can save more time to store.

Lots of great rewards

Auto-battle and find awesome rewards when AFK. Get free diamonds and free gold coins, as well as scarce cards and advanced equipment, when you’re online. AFK rewards just keep getting better.


Infinite Heroes gives players beautiful, colorful 3D graphics. Besides, the game’s sound is also lively and catches up with the character’s movements. The characters are designed in detail and with beauty. The skills with many effects are extremely majestic.


Infinite Heroes: Afk Idle Game is a very unique strategy game. It gives players diverse gameplay, many beautiful characters, epic battles, and top-notch 3D graphics. The game features online PVP battles that appeal to the adventurer in you. Readers can download the game by following the link below.

Download Infinite Heroes: Afk Idle Game APK 31.03

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