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Idle Train Empire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Ad-free) 1.27.00

App NameIdle Train Empire
Publisher candy madness
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/ Ad-free
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Idle Train Empire is a simple simulation game that allows you to work as a rail transport service manager. Download the latest mod of the game to use unlimited diamonds in the game. Now you can freely unlock locomotives and upgrade your business!

About Idle Train Empire

Idle simulation games never get boring. They have simple but addictive gameplay. Idle Train Empire from DailFun is the latest title to join the collection of idle tycoon games on mobile. It challenges your management and decision-making skills to lead the rail transport business.

You start with a dilapidated station and a few old trains. It’s hard to restore everything, but you will. Let’s start with the renovation of the station, painting and repairing the trains to serve the passengers. You will have very few resources to exploit, so always save. When you have enough money and resources, you can upgrade stations, buy new trains and build new stations around the world.

Idle Train Empire has easy-to-understand gameplay. It uses a simple control mechanism. You touch the screen to receive jobs from the manager, then move your character to designated locations to complete the task.

If you want to test your business skills and test your business acumen, download Idle Train Empire MOD APK now and enjoy it.

Idle Train Empire mod apk download

Test your business skills

Idle Train Empire challenges your management and decision-making skills in business. It simply simulates how stations operate and profit. You have the opportunity to become a good manager by building a rail transportation business empire with billions of dollars in revenue. Your network of railway stations will cover the world.

Of course, that is the story of the future. In the present, you will start with difficulties. Your station is old and degraded after a long time of being abandoned, the trains are also seriously damaged. Start your work by fixing stations, and buying new trains to serve passengers. When you have enough revenue and resources, you can expand the rail system in the city and build new stations, buy more trains and grow your business empire.

Your revenue comes from passenger fares. Therefore, do not forget to expand the stations and upgrade the trains to serve more passengers. As your business grows, you have the opportunity to meet leaders in your city and collaborate with them. New contracts bring in more money. You can build a rail network that covers the whole city.

Unlock and upgrade your train

You start the game with some small old trains. They are difficult to bring in large profits because they cannot carry many passengers and cost a lot to maintain. Don’t worry, if you reach higher levels, you have a chance to upgrade these locomotives or buy modern new ones.

An upgraded locomotive will increase its capacity, it also moves faster. You can also pay to buy new locomotives.

Idle Train Empire offers more than 30 different trains for you to unlock and use. Each locomotive has specifications. Therefore, you need to rely on the characteristics of each type of locomotive to choose the right one. For example, some trains have limited capacity but high speed. Therefore, you should use them for short journeys and place them at stations with few passengers. In contrast, there are a few types of locomotives with large capacity but slow-moving speed, you can use them to carry goods.

After each train is completed, you receive a reward of coins. Use them to upgrade your station and buy new locomotives. With powerful new locomotives like the Streamliner and The Queen of Progress, you’ll never have to worry about station revenue.

Expand your rail system

Idle Train Empire allows you to own a rail transport business. Starting with the old station and obsolete locomotive, you have the opportunity to build your business empire. When you gather enough resources, you can build new stations to expand the railway lines. Your railway and station system will cover the whole world.

Building rail systems in cities requires the right tactics. The number of passengers and resources of each city are different. Therefore, you need to base on the specific needs of each location to build reasonable routes.

An optimal railway system with suitable locomotives will bring maximum profit. You should also pay attention to the construction of a rail network between cities. This way it brings more profit.

Satisfy your passengers

Every day, your station has to serve a lot of customers. Their satisfaction on the trip is extremely important. After each train ride, you’ll get passenger feedback on the station’s service. Make sure they’re happy with everything. Satisfied customers mean more profit.

There are many ways to increase customer satisfaction in Idle Train Empire. You can upgrade the station and install utilities, keep things clean, hire service staff on the train, etc.

Get profit while offline

Idle Train Empire has the typical mechanics of idle games. Your progress in the game still automatically increases over time. All business operations continue as normal when you even when you are offline. You still receive revenue from activities without opening the game or interacting on the screen.

Your offline revenue is based on the achievements you have completed in the game. For example, when you unlock an additional station and buy new locomotives, revenue will increase.

MOD APK of Idle Train Empire

Idle Train Empire MOD APK is for anyone who wants to boost their game progress without paying for in-app purchases. We know that Diamonds is the main currency of this game. You earn it by completing daily tasks and unlocking achievements. You will need a lot of diamonds to upgrade stations or buy new locomotives, but diamonds are not easy to find. Don’t worry because the mod of this game will solve this problem.

The mod feature allows you to get a lot of diamonds at the start. You can freely use them to buy new items or upgrade your stations.

This mod has also removed all the ads in the game. It gives you a completely pleasant playing experience.


Idle Train Empire is a perfect choice for those who love idle games on mobile. It brings a lot of fun as you manage stations and build railway systems around the world.

The game has simple gameplay, easy to play but addictive. Besides, the game’s graphics and sound are also suitable for entertainment. TIdle Train Empire has no plot and complicated functions, it focuses on simply simulating how stations work.

If you are looking for an idle game to challenge your management and business skills, then Idle Train Empire is definitely a good choice. Download its latest mod now.

Download Idle Train Empire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/ Ad-free) 1.27.00

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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