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App NameICC Cricket Mobile
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Require7.0 and up
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Introducing ICC Cricket Mobile

What do you think about cricket? Countries as diverse as India, Pakistan, England, Australia, and many more all play and enjoy this game. There must be 11 players, and they must all fill particular jobs. To win, a team must score more runs than their opponent by striking the ball and advancing it through the wickets.

You may play cricket in an authentic and engaging environment on ICC Cricket Mobile. The World Cup, the Twenty20 World Cup, and the Champions Trophy are all examples of such competitions. You have the option of competing in both Test and One-Day International matches.

Incredibly realistic visuals give the impression that you’re experiencing an actual cricket match. Batting, bowling, and fielding controls may be used with little to no learning curve. You’ll be free to concentrate on your opponent’s weaknesses rather than how to exploit them.

In general, ICC Cricket Mobile brings a lot of fun. You’ll feel like you’ve mastered the game and become a real player by the time the match is through. To become a cricket champion, use this app and start practicing.

ICC Cricket Mobile mod apk

Become a Cricket World Champion

As a bonus, participating in international competitions as a representative of your country is possible in this game. There are many other nations to choose from, like India, Pakistan, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and more.

You’ll play on your chosen nation’s team and contribute to their quest for victory once you’ve made your choice. You may enter a World Cup and compete for the title of the best cricket team in the world.

Always wow the crowd and help your team win. It’s a great chance to represent your country and show your cricket skills proudly.

Enjoy thrilling Cricket games.

Want to watch an exciting cricket match? The frantic activity in this game will get your blood racing. ICC Cricket Mobile’s gameplay is intense and challenging since it is realistic and moves quickly.

You’ll join the game as a noob and work up to the pros. Competing against more experienced and skillful teams will make your path to the top more difficult. It’s all part of the challenge of perfecting your strategy to win every match.

What’s more, you may assemble a squad with A-list athletes from all around the world. Make sure to lead them in the right direction and oversee the team’s advancement so that they may achieve their goals. Making it through this ordeal will need forethought, perseverance, and resolve.

ICC Cricket Mobile mod ffeatures

Enjoy many exciting game modes.

This game’s creators have included various game modes to prevent players from becoming bored. The following are some of them:

Quick Match.

With this option, you may play a fast match against a team that has been chosen at random. When you want to relax and play a quick game, this is it. Playing 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50 over is possible. The range of possible match durations provides greater tactical freedom.

Take part in major competitions, including the World Cup, Twenty-One World Cup, and Champions Trophy. Get through the entire tournament undefeated and claim victory.

In the Confidential Contents of the ICC Vault.

In this mode, you may relive historic matches and make your mark on the record books. It will seem like you’re right back in the middle of the action since the simulation will be so lifelike.

ICC Cricket Mobile mod apk

Turning Point.

Because of this, you experience thrilling moments of suspense and surprise. The critical moment will be picked randomly from your last matches, allowing you to change what happens.

Match of the Day. 

Each day in this mode will bring a new set of difficulties. A high-stakes game or a match against a formidable opponent is an excellent opportunity to put your talents to the test and advance as a sportsman. It would help if you used this mode to gain currency and progress through the game’s ranks.

World Rivals. 

In this mode, you may take on and compete with gamers from all around the world. Compete with other players and work up the scoreboard to prove your worth.

The flexible and smooth control mechanism

Not only does ICC Cricket Mobile MOD APK have an engaging gaming mechanic, but the controls are also simple. The game’s menus are specific, making it simple to direct your player while they bat, bowl, or field.

You may ignore the cumbersome interface and concentrate on planning and carrying out your approach. The controls may be adjusted to the player’s liking, making long gaming sessions pleasurable.

Stunning graphics

Cricket fans of all stripes will appreciate the game’s attention to detail in depicting cricket venues. It’ll feel like you’re playing a real professional game, with the natural grass and all the screaming fans in the stands.

Inhale the electric atmosphere of the stadium and soak in the yells and cheers of the supporters there to support their side. The realistic visuals pull you right into the action, increasing the stakes of every battle.

All international stadiums are located in actual cities worldwide, such as London, Mumbai, Sydney, Ahmedabad, Wellington, and more. The variety of stadiums, each with its style and ambiance, makes for the exciting gaming.

Features Overviews

Commentators in the celebrity spotlight.

The commentary in this game is provided by real-life cricket legends, further cementing the game’s realism. Listen to prominent analysts like Jatin Sapru and Ian Bishop to maintain your interest.

Distinct Times of the Day.

The game creates a realistic feel for each match by including many periods. Have fun in the middle of the day or late at night with the help of some lights. Every game has a new level of realism thanks to the lighting modification.

Personalization of the Gamer.

Make a character and give them unique attributes and gear. Educate them so they may become cricket’s most incredible ever and lead your side to glory.

Video recording using motion detection.

The game’s capturing of the player’s motions adds to the realism and immersion of the experience. Your finest moments from the game may be relived in slow motion, too. The game’s several cameras views only add to the action.

Both the English and Hindu languages.

This game caters to a larger demographic because it is offered in two languages, English and Hindu. A language option in the settings allows you to change languages.

There are sixteen different teams from different countries.

The game’s visuals are top-notch, and the 16 international cricket teams each have detailed avatars to represent their players. In each mode, you pick a team and try to win with them.

Superior, Fully-Enveloping Audio Experiences.

This game’s audio is spot-on, from the crowd’s roar to the crack of a bat meeting a ball. You won’t miss a single thrilling play thanks to the top-notch commentary.

MOD APK of ICC Cricket Mobile

ICC Cricket Mobile MOD APK is the game to get if you don’t want to spend any money on in-app purchases ($0.49 – $11.99 per item). This version does not restrict your access to any content or gameplay options.

Also, ICC Cricket Mobile MOD has an endless supply of cash, so you can continually improve your team without worrying about running out of money. In addition, there are no interruptions from advertisements.


All the thrill and action of international cricket matches are now at your fingertips, thanks to ICC Cricket Mobile MOD APK. This game’s visuals are pretty realistic, and the controls are very responsive, so it’s a lot of fun to play.

In addition, you may get infinite resources and use all of the features by downloading ICC Cricket Mobile MOD APK. In this method, you may fine-tune and perfect your cricket squad to the point where you dominate the sport.

Download ICC Cricket Mobile MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.12

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