iCallScreen – iOS Phone Dialer
iCallScreen – iOS Phone Dialer

iCallScreen MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Looking to emulate the dialer and dialpad capabilities of an iPhone on your Android device? Take a look at the iCallScreen app! You can experience the appearance and feel of an iPhone dialer with iCallScreen, replete with iOS 14 and iOS 15 capabilities.

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While using Android is enjoyable, some users may find the call screen on Android phones to be tedious. In contrast to iPhone users, who enjoy clean, simple screens with stunning and precise design details, Android phone users sometimes have to deal with excessively detailed screens that can be hard to use when making or receiving phone calls.

The inability to modify the call screen to their desire may also lead to Android phone customer unhappiness. While Android has numerous customization choices, the call screen may not be one of them, leaving users unhappy and searching for alternatives.

As an alternative, some users may like to imitate an iPhone’s call screen on their Android phone. Applications like iCallScreen provide a more basic and visually beautiful call screen, similar to the style of the iPhone. This allows consumers to have a more comfortable and engaging phone call.

About iCallScreen

iCallScreen: The iPhone Calling Screen on Your Android Phone

If you want to learn more about the iPhone calling screen and its capabilities, or if you’re sick of the old-fashioned calling screen on your Android phone, you should try iCallScreen.

You may use iCallScreen to turn your Android phone into a screen for making and receiving calls that look like the iPhone iOS 14 and iOS 15 mobile phones. The software has a full-screen mode that displays caller information such as phone numbers, names, photographs, and profiles, similar to the iPhone X, XI, XII, XIII, or OS14 or OS15 phones.

iCallScreen improves call reception and displays the dial screen, including the Contacts List, Recents List, Favorite Contacts List, and T9 search keyboard found on the iPhone’s dialing system.

Lots of powerful personalization options

iCallScreen provides a high level of customization, allowing you to customize the iPhone-style dialer, keypad, and call screen to your preferences.

You may reset the slide to accept calls, modify the screen’s color and texture, change the ringtone, and even set a different ringtone for each phone number or group of contacts. You may also ban or unblock a specific phone number and select the SIM card to use if you have two SIM cards. Furthermore, when the phone rings, iCallScreen has a flashlight flash function that you can tune to your chosen pace.

With these customization options, you can now enjoy full-screen calls and an iPhone-style dialer and keyboard tailored to your preferences.

Call Block and Phone Dialer

Aside from customizing, iCallScreen provides several essential features, such as call blocking and a phone dialer with various functions.

You may use the call block function to filter out unwanted or spam calls, ensuring you only get calls from those you want to hear from.

The phone dialer tool is also helpful, including a seamless contacts book search and management system, recent call history, and the option to add and remove preferred contacts. The smart dialer T9 keypad also allows users to swiftly and effectively search for and see contact information.

iCallScreen’s Extra Features

iCallScreen has several extra functions, making it a very versatile program for handling phone conversations. Among these features are the following:

  • Slide-to-Answer Button – Using iCallScreen, you can enjoy a real iPhone slide-to-answer button on iOS 15, providing a more authentic and smooth experience.
  • Dual-SIM Card Support – The app supports dual SIM cards, allowing you to manage SIM settings, select a SIM card before making a call, and establish a default SIM.
  • Caller Name Announcer – iCallScreen can announce your caller’s name or number, removing the need to glance at your phone or dial pad when answering calls.
  • false Call – In some scenarios, you can plan a false call with a custom contact name, cellphone number, and ringtone.
  • Flash on Call – The app allows you to blink a flashlight when an incoming phone rings, and you may customize the flash choice.
  • Dark Mode – The software has a dark mode option that can help you save battery life, and you can change the color of the dial pad.
  • Lightweight – With a file size of about 7 to 8 MB, the program is small and portable and can be used on any device.
  • After hanging up, the app displays a call back page where you may remember, send a message, block, or make a note of calls.
  • Manage Conference – You may merge two or more calls, manage the conference, and separate calls as required to track several calls.

In conclusion, iCallScreen provides a wide range of functions, making it a very effective tool for handling phone conversations. This software has everything from dual-SIM support and caller name announcements to false calls and dark mode.


Please keep in mind that iCallScreen is not an official Apple app, and it is not related, associated, approved, endorsed, or in any other way officially connected with Apple.

The software contains product names, logos, brands, trademarks, and registered trademarks that are the property of their respective owners. Any company, product, and service names included in the app are purely for identifying reasons, and their use, trademarks, and brands do not imply sponsorship.

MOD APK of iCallScreen

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iCallScreen is an app that enables you to configure the contact keypad on your Android mobile device to appear and feel like an iPhone. With iCallScreen, you can transform your current calling screen into an iOS call keypad, giving your Android device the appearance and feel of an iPhone.

Whether you want to alter the appearance of your current calling screen or simply want to experience the iPhone, iCallScreen is the application for you. With various features and customization options, including dual-SIM support, caller name announcer, false call scheduler, lighting on-call functionality, and dark mode, iCallScreen is the ideal way to customize your Android mobile device’s call keypad.

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