I Monster-Roguelike RPG APK- The Adventure Game of DreamSky

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Today ApkMod will introduce you to a new role-playing game called I Monster. This game was recently released on July 2nd by Dream Sky, a very well-known developer. I Monster is a combination of role-playing, action, adventure, exploration, tactics that bring a diverse and engaging experience to players.

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Introducing I Monster – The Adventure Game of Dream Sky

Diverse gameplay

Joining the I Monster, players are given the chance to create a small monster that is available in the game’s character system. I Monster also has an extremely fun character system, not as sophisticated as other RPGs. Even the stick used as a weapon also becomes small and fit the shape of the funny monster.

I Monster Roguelike RPG 1

Accordingly, I Monster is developed in the form of the roguelike with the vertical screen. Although it may be difficult to observe, it brings a lot of interesting things. Every map that appears in the I Monster is random and lasts indefinitely, even if the player sacrifices and starts from the beginning, it is both like a new game. In addition to fighting the villains to rescue the fellow monsters, I Monster’s player also have to collect gears, gems, and many other items to boost himself to the highest power level.

The system of magic and skills in this I Monster game is also extremely diverse. The skills are designed in double helix style, which allows the player to select the skill that is best fits the player’s battle style in the battles. Players will also have the opportunity to clash with the creature. the ultimate mysterious monster and superior strength, these will be difficult challenges for players on the journey to explore I Monster.

I Monster Roguelike RPG 2

The graphics are quite simple

The game I Monster has a quite simple 2D graphics with a fun cartoon style. Although no graphics are beautiful, the game design is very simple but I Monster has a hard to resist. However, with simple graphics, the game I Monster will have a compact size, which is suitable for most of today’s smartphones and the smooth feeling.

Download I Monster APK

I Monster combines many features of other role-playing games, giving you a completely new experience. Furthermore, Dream Sky is also a well-known developer so I Monster also quickly gained the attention of players. Finally, you can select the link below to download this game.

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