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I Am Warrior 1

XIJI Game is an emerging game developer who has recently attracted many gamers’ attention to exciting entertainment like I Am Archer and I Am Wizard. Recently, this manufacturer continues to release a new extremely attractive game called I Am Warrior. This new I Am Warrior game was released yesterday, February 1 and supports two major mobile platforms, Android and iOS. This is a 2.5D action role-playing game with quite simple graphics. Here ApkMod will show you the most prominent features of I Am Warrior along with how to download games on your device.

I Am Warrior 1

I Am Warrior – XIJI Game’s new action game

Interesting gameplay

Join the game and you will play as a warrior and start the great war with enemies. You will learn combat skills in order to defeat your enemies in each level. You will not have to fight alone, because in the journey you will have to face a lot of opponents, so you can be collected many other warriors to support for you. The game will play in two main modes: Endless and Endless Mode, if you enter the magic door, the battle will end.

I Am Warrior 2

After each match, you will receive the corresponding bonus amount. You will need to collect as much money as possible. In addition to the purpose of trading, you can also collect diamonds that are much more valuable. You will use your earned money to upgrade, unlock your character’s fighting skills, and add powerful warriors to your battles with the enemy. Each warrior will have his own strength, the stronger the warrior, the higher the price. In the battle, you only control the main character in battle, while the secondary fighters will automatically attack the enemy.

Control mode in the game I Am Warrior is very simple, enemies will appear on the right side of the screen so you will move in the right direction to find them. You can move the character to the left side of the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, while the right side will be the character’s attack skill buttons. You can also equip more weapons to fight characters more effectively.

I Am Warrior 3

Main features of the game:

  • Defeating enemies is the only goal
  • Unlock new skills, upgrade your warriors to get the best possible army
  • More than 10 different types of fighting skills let you unlock the main character
  • More than 17 powerful warriors support you in battle with enemies.
  • Earn bonuses in every game mode and get diamonds in endless mode
  • Eye-catching graphics, smooth experience

Very eye-catching graphic

I Am Warrior game was developed based on a 2.5D graphics which is not too impressive. Not in the top graphics today, but the image quality in the game is very sharp with bright colors, highlights. Especially the character system in the game is very eye-catching with virtual skills created from the eye-catching visual effects.

I Am Warrior 4

Download I Am Warrior MOD Apk for Android, iOS

Here we can see that the game I Am Warrior is really attractive. It will definitely give you the feeling of the best experience ever. The new game was released for a day but quickly gained the great attention of gamers around the world. You can download the original I Am Warrior or I Am Warrior MOD Apk on your device via the link below for free!

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