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I am - Daily affirmations MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 4.47.0

Improve your self esteem and confidence with the positive affirmation of the day

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About I am – Daily affirmations

Are you sick of having negative conversations with yourself? Do you feel caught in a cycle of negative thoughts preventing you from moving forward? If this is the case, you should consider using daily affirmations. Affirmations positive are statements that are easy to say but have a significant impact. They can assist in improving the connection between your unconscious and conscious mind, making you more robust when faced with challenging circumstances.

By orally reinforcing your goals and aspirations, the I am – Daily affirmations program can assist you in rewiring your brain and developing higher levels of self-esteem. Using this software, you can select from several different daily intentions and set reminders that will be sent to you at various times throughout the day. Not only will saying the affirmations cause significant alterations in your mentality, but they will also act as prompts and daily reminders of what you are capable of, ensuring that every day will be one of the best of your life.

Developing Your Self-Awareness Regarding Unhealthy Thought Patterns

When used as part of daily practice, it provides several benefits. One of these benefits is that they assist in enhancing your awareness of your thoughts and words, which makes it easier to spot negative thinking patterns of self-doubt that are holding you back. You may establish a mindset of abundance and deepen your resolve to make it happen by directing your attention and efforts toward accomplishing your goals and the positive, uplifting, and good in the world.

Establishing Your Priorities While Remaining Open to New Opportunities

Your affirmations determine your emphasis, and when you positively affirm what’s conceivable, you give yourself access to a whole new world of opportunities. Claims can completely transform our thinking and free us from the confines of an unachievable perspective.

Features That Are Simple to Use and Contain Meaningful Daily Quotes

The inspirational daily quotations that appear on I am – Daily affirmations can help you temporarily escape unpleasant thoughts and weariness. You can choose from various subjects, and the app allows you to schedule their delivery at any time convenient. Altering your experience and sharing some of your favorite phrases with others may also be accomplished using a unique background as your wallpaper. Anyone may instantly access the app’s functionality, and its features are designed to be highly user-friendly.

Keeping Track of Important Dates and Times While Exploring Remarkable Designs

In this app, you will come across a collection of proverbs and sayings that cover various topics, and you will be able to customize both the issues and the times you want to get them. Because you can specify the period, this setting does not take too long. You can choose to think positively when you wake up in the morning by telling yourself a motivational saying or choosing to disregard any negative thoughts before you go to sleep. The stunning design that complements the content is one of the things that contributes to the fact that users adore I am – Daily affirmations. The reader may feel more at ease due to the app’s simplistic designs and calming color palette, making identifying functions that meet their needs simpler.

You Can Motivate Yourself Using a Variety of Sayings, and You Can Choose Which Topic You Want to Focus On

I am – Daily affirmations provide many sayings with deep meaning. You will be impressed by the phrases you find since they make perfect sense, and their amount is what pulls you to them. The discussions typically center on self-care, stress alleviation, self-development, and a wide variety of other topics from which you can pick. You can progressively reduce your negative energy and work toward achieving your unmet objectives. If you encounter a proverb or saying that particularly resonates with you, make it a habit to revisit it and pass it on to others.

Altering the desktop background with excellent pictures and sharing them with other people

Messages with deep meaning almost always come with eye-catching backgrounds perfect for setting as the backdrop on your smartphone. These pictures come in various tones, each of which has the potential to transform how you interact with your smartphone utterly. If you come across a profound saying that motivates you to make a difference in your life, you can pass it on to the people you care about. Giving is simple, and the good feelings from doing so are constantly passed on from one person to the next.


I am – Daily affirmations is an application that can assist you in cultivating a more positive mental attitude and empowering yourself. Your brain may be rewired, your self-esteem can be built up, and your negative thought patterns can be changed via daily affirmations. This application provides you with several different daily aims, beautiful designs, and user-friendly features that can assist you in remaining motivated and focused on your objectives.

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