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Hyper Arena 1

Onmyoji Arena is the latest mobe mobile game from NetEase, which was released with the international version not long ago and has received a lot of players around the world. It’s also a MOBA product that competes directly with other popular MOBA products from Tencent such as King Of Glory or Arena Of Valor. And recently, NetEase recently launched a MOBA product whose quality¬†is equal to the Onmyiji Arena.

Hyper Arena 1

This new game is called Hyper Arena with the science-based theme and still has the familiar MOBA gameplay as the previous NetEase games. Currently, the game is in the complete and test process, which is intended to be released shortly after. Before we look forward to this MOBA game, let’s take a quick look at this game through the article below.

Hyper Arena – Latest NetEase’s MOBA game

The familiar MOBA gameplay

Basically, this Hyper Arena game still has the MOBA-style strategy games just like the previous versions of NetEase. Getting involved in the game, players can collect the heroes to participate in the drama battle. The game will have practice and direct play with many categories such as Ranking, friendly, … Many players will gather into a team of 5 players, each player will select one character to join the match.

Hyper Arena 4

The main map has the 3 familiar Upper-Midway-Down with the PvP 5vs5 gameplay. The player needs to select a hero, start to farm monsters, level up and improve the skill, purchase the items and destroys the enemy. The final goal is still to destroy the enemy’s main house. And the most important thing in this game will still be the tactical factor along with the teamwork in the team. Although there is no exact information about the character, certainly Hyper Arena will bring us the super diverse character system so that players can have many different options.

Hyper Arena 3

Sharp 3D graphics

Hyper Arena has a modern 3D graphics platform, which is even much more beautiful than its older counterpart Onmyoji Arena. The characters in the game are very detailed, sharp and wonderful. The character movements are extremely smooth. The skill-based system built around the character is very diverse and virtual. As a science fiction game, players will be able to make characters from many parts of the world with very interesting gameplay.

To conclude with

Hyper Arena brings a unique science fiction style that is totally different from the previous NetEase games as well as other MOBA that have been released before. In general, Hyper Arena is really a great and desirable MOBA product. Currently, the game has not been officially released, you can update the information about Hyper Arena by visiting ApkMod every day.

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