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Water Tracker and Drink Reminder. Go Pro to unleash the power of water.

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About Hydro Coach PRO

The Hydro Coach PRO app is a smartphone program that encourages users to drink more water and keeps track of their consumed water. The issue of consistently drinking sufficient amounts of water, which is often a significant impediment in day-to-day living, can be overcome with the assistance of this software. Hydro Coach PRO users can determine how much water they require, keep track of how much water they consume, and receive gentle reminders to drink water regularly. The application aims to promote better health and general well-being by maximizing the benefits that water can provide.

PRO Features

The app has several features designed to confer additional advantages on users. These features include unrestricted access to the user’s diary, which enables users to review any previous entries in their journal. In addition, users can obtain monthly and unlimited weekly statistics to keep a more precise record of their water consumption and development. Because it contains a more significant number of widgets, including a 1×1 device for inputs about quick-service restaurants’ beverages, the application is more straightforward and more pleasurable to use. Users can determine how effectively various beverages hydrate or dehydrate their bodies by utilizing the hydration factors. Users can quickly and conveniently input their drink consumption from each notification, and they can export their drink history into a CSV file. In addition, there are no advertisements on Hydro Coach PRO, ensuring that consumers will have a seamless experience.

The Positive Effects That Water Has on One’s Health

Drinking adequate water may have numerous positive effects on one’s body. To begin, it is an efficient means of overcoming exhaustion and tension. Second, it can aid in the purification of the skin. Thirdly, getting the recommended amount of water each day can positively impact one’s health in just a few days. Fourthly, it helps with weight loss and is the foundation of every diet a medical specialist recommends. Last but not least, increasing the amount of water you drink might help ease headaches.

Principal Attributes

Hydro Coach PRO is a valuable and effective water tracking and reminder app with several essential features. Users receive individualized notifications about drinks, which contribute to an overall improvement in their health. The app is designed in the format of a detailed diary, which enables users to maintain an accurate record of their water use. Users are given graphical insights into their water consumption patterns through weekly and monthly statistics. Users may easily construct their customized drink amounts using useful widgets, which also provide clear information about the amount of water they should consume daily. The software supports imperial measurements (fl. oz.) and metric units (ml), allowing users to select the most comfortable size. The software syncs with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit, allowing users to share the water they consume with their peers.

The Workings of It

The app can determine a user’s recommended daily water needs using a formula that considers various characteristics like age, weight, gender, and lifestyle choices. The software allows users to select their preferred glass, and it will send them notifications throughout the day to remind them to drink and replenish it as necessary. Users can keep themselves hydrated and take advantage of the healing powers of water by using the app’s subtle reminders.


The Hydro Coach PRO app is a valuable and practical water tracker and reminder tool that assists users in maintaining appropriate hydration levels throughout the day. Users can improve their health by monitoring the amount of water they consume when they make sussed drink notifications. In addition to providing users with insights into their water drinking habits via the app’s straightforward diary style and graphical representations, the widgets in the app provide users with clear information regarding their daily water intake. This software syncs with Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit, supporting imperial and metric units of measurement (fl. oz. and ml, respectively). The moment has come to liberate the potential of water to promote better health and general well-being with the help of Hydro Coach PRO.

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