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Hungry Shark World MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 5.5.6

App NameHungry Shark World
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Require5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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When asked about shark food, what will you answer? Small fish, sea creatures, or humans? In Hungry Shark World, your shark will have the right to eat everything on the way it swims.

About Hungry Shark World

If you are too familiar with the big attacks in the bloodthirsty shark action-adventure game Hungry Shark Evolution, its latest version – Hungry Shark World will not disappoint you. The highlight of this game is the diverse and large environment with many islands and a huge collection of sharks. Players will experience the ultimate hunting trips. You will have a new role, unique and much more fierce than before. This is the time for you to transform into a bloodthirsty shark. It is very hungry and ready to devour anything it sees on its way. Even small humans are no match for this shark. It’s a bit cruel, but you can eat people. Challenge your hunting skills and sweep everything in your way.

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In the world of Hungry Shark World, gamers will continue to transform into bloodthirsty sharks. Your main task is to hunt food through many different worlds. Players only need to use one finger to control the shark. The more prey you hunt, the faster your shark will grow. At this time, gamers hunt more creatures and can upgrade the character to a new level. There are many locations for you to explore and each time you are transferred to a new level, these locations will be unlocked.

Currently, players can experience seven levels of sharks with each level your shark will be a different size. These levels will be divided into three different levels for you to experience. When completing the levels and developing your shark according to the mission you will get the bonus. This bonus amount can be used for upgrading stats. Some states in the game you need to upgrade to better hunt sharks are:

  • Speed: the swimming speed of the shark
  • Bite: speed of devouring prey
  • Boost: the ability to accelerate to hunt. This indicator represents growth to reach new levels.

When successfully upgrading these stats, you will experience powerful attacks from your shark. This will be an exciting hunting journey.

Hungry Shark World gameplay

Discover different types of shark

Hungry Shark World still offers all kinds of sharks like the previous version (except for Megalodon). There are seventeen types of sharks with different sizes and shapes for you to experience. Besides, you can discover many new fish species. There are very special fish that you never find in the books like Dunkleosteus armored fish or Mosasaurus. These fish will range in size from small, medium to large. As your shark grows to its fullest extent, its shape will surprise you.

Also, your shark is not an ocean lord so it is still afraid of many things. In the deep sea are bigger sharks, ready to eat your shark. Sometimes, jellyfish are also a danger when they are ready to sting you. Some other poisonous fish such as laser sharks can also kill you. You need to be careful with these fish if you don’t want them to attack and kill you.

Eat people by jumping ashore

The ability to hunt “humans” in Hungry Shark World will delight you. You are allowed to hunt more than 100 different animals. Your prey can be a school of small fish, a large fish, a boat, or a person on the beach. A special feature in the game is that you can jump ashore to hunt for prey. Players easily control the shark to jump ashore and attack everyone here. However, you should note, if you stay on the shore for too long, the shark will run out of oxygen and will die. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the time ashore to attack the prey as much as possible.

The exciting level-up quest chain

To hunt the most prey, you need a detailed hunting plan. Every day, Hungry Shark World will provide players with a series of 3 new missions. These missions will be different for users to challenge their moving skills. The tasks can be swimming to a distance of 5,000m, hunting divers in a certain number,… Accompanying these tasks are very valuable prizes. Some rewards will require you to compete in a certain challenge. The abilities you can get are character customization, bonuses…Also, while playing, you need to watch out for the appearance of the words “H-U-N-G-R-Y”. When you collect enough of these words, you can increase the ability to increase the maximum character size.

Hungry Shark World-shark-unlocked

Discover the beautiful beaches in the world

Not only limit at a certain beach, but players will also discover many beautiful beaches in the world. It could be a crowded beach in the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean with huge icebergs, the warm South China Sea, or the Arabian region. Each beach will have a different feature, giving you a realistic experience. In particular, the 3D graphics platform with floating effects on the water makes it feel more realistic. Natural graphics and natural sounds from the game will give you the feeling of swimming in the blue ocean.

MOD APK of Hungry Shark World

MOD info

  • Unlimited Money/ All Unlocked: You can use unlimited in-game currency.


Become the best ocean killer and predator in Hungry Shark World. Download this game now and attack everyone who stands in your way.

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