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Hundred Soul 1


  • Publisher: HOUND 13
  • Platforms: Android 5.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 90M
  • Latest Version: 1.3.6
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

HOUND 13 is a famous Korean game company with quite a lot of successful game titles all over the world. The most prominent one is the Dragon Nest released long ago, and HOUND 13 is one of the most important producers to create this blockbuster game. In 2016, HOUND 13 introduced to the entertainment market a new mobile game which is said to be the most outstanding graphics game called Project 100. But after that, the game has no more information in 2016. And now, the game Project was officially released, but it has been renamed to Hundred Soul.

Hundred Soul 1

Hundred Soul has been developed by Hound 13 for many years. It is hoped to bring some of the best graphics and most engaging gameplay. Ever since the launch of the trailer called Project 100, the title has quickly attracted the interest of players around the world. And now Hound 13 has officially been released in early November, with a new name of Hundred Soul. Let’s together with ApkMazon to take a look at the role-playing game Hundred Soul and how to download it.

Hundred Soul – Blockbuster role-playing game

High-end graphics

As usual, we will introduce the content and gameplay of the game before the graphics, but Hundred Soul has an extremely impressive graphics, so we will evaluate it first. As mentioned, the Hundred Soul game has received a lot of attention of players thanks to impressive graphics as introduced through the trailer video along with the image. And when it was released, Hundred Soul APK did not disappoint the player with a graphics that cannot be better.

Hundred Soul 2

Hundred Soul was developed based on the latest image technology Unity 3D. As you can see in the below image, the game is extremely sharp and vibrant. From the appearance of the character to the surroundings, they are all designed in realistic 3D, colorful colors that are not too flashy. Thus the game brings realistic sense like a movie, not simply a game. Many players and game experts around the world also highly evaluate the graphics of Hundred Soul and said that it has a higher quality, brings better images than the high-end game on the PC. It shows that the graphics technology for mobile is no less than that of the PC.

Engaging gameplay

Not only having the extremely outstanding background graphics but the gameplay of Hundred Soul is also very attractive that players can get addicted to this game. Hundred Soul owns the current role-playing action gameplay. At the start of the game, the player will choose one of the three character classes (male or female). You need to pay attention, each character class will have different fighting skills and advantages/disadvantages. The Hundred Soul fighting style will still be the familiar non-target as in other role-playing game.

Hundred Soul 3

In addition to the fighting skills of the character, players can choose different weapons to create a variety of fighting styles. The Hundred Soul APK game offers an extremely diverse weapon system with over 100 weapons. Each weapon has its own strengths and weaknesses, which are suitable for different combat situations in the battle. These weapons will be able to counteract each other, so players have to carefully master them to be able to solve the problem and defeat the opponents faster.

In addition to the characters and weapons, the team factor in Hundred Soul APK is also very important. Players need to find the right teammates to enter the game. The team members will be able to help each other, destroy the enemy and bring you victory. However, the players in the team must have the combination of food and support at the right time, then the chances of winning will be higher.

The control system

The game Hundred Soul APK brings a very simple control system that is quite familiar to players. It is optimized for the mobile platform so players can easily get acquainted right from the first experience. There will be no moving buttons like the current role-playing games. Instead, players will touch the screen to control the direction of the character. The skill buttons will be placed in the lower right corner of the screen. With a 360-degree viewing angle and 3D graphics, the player can move to view every angle of the game.

Hundred Soul 4

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Download Hundred Soul APK

In general, Hundred Soul APK‘s gameplay is not so special, but still very attractive and impressive thanks to the high-end 3D graphics. Hundred Soul APK will definitely be a popular game in the coming time. Now that the game has officially been released, you can easily download the game and experience through the below links.

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