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App NameHuman Evolution Clicker
Publisher WAZZAPPS
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoFree Shopping
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Human Evolution Clicker allows you to become an omnipotent god with the ability to create and evolve humans. Download the latest mod of the game at APKmazon to shop everything for free!

Introducing Human Evolution Clicker

Have you ever wondered what species or creatures did the evolutionary chain start from? Or where did humanity begin? Game producer Wazzapps based solely on these questions and published the game Human Evolution Clicker: Tap and Evolve Life Forms which brings a hilarious overlook of the evolution of humankind. This game does not only simulates how creatures formed but also predicts how they will look like in the distant future. Not too long after its launch, the game has received more than 10 million downloads and many good reviews from the players of the Android platform. Find out more about this amazing game through the article below.

Human Evolution clicker Gameplay

How to play

Human Evolution Clicker – the name says it all – is an idle and clicker game similar to Penguin Isle. This means the main currency in-game will be collected automatically when you are away. However, the factor that makes this game stand out is the “clicker” part, which we will explain later on. Your main task is to create new creatures by combining two of the same creature into one. Started only with a small DNA code, you will then develop those into new organisms, and then humans, to even supreme beings! The evolution of the planet lies right inside your hand.

Currency of the game

The coin is one of the utmost important factors of this game. It allows you to upgrade the amount of income, accelerates the production of new creatures, or even increases the chance of having a critical click – which brings twice as much as money. Coins can be collected by clicking the creatures constantly. You can also click more than one creature at a time, which greatly increases efficiency. When you are not playing the game, coins will be automatically harvested and stored inside a piggy bank where you can collect later on. However, the capacity of the piggy bank only allows the coins produced in 3 hours to be stored, so be sure to come to the game every 2 hours for max coins available.

In Human Evolution Clicker, another currency in Human Evolution Clicker is Amber, which is used on the monthly events’ planet of the game. The same mechanic applies to this kind of currency, except the more amber you managed to produce, the juicier the rewards based on the event becomes. Hence, make sure to visit the events frequently.

The map of the space

This is where you can find all of your under-developing planets and travel between them at ease. You will start off the game with the Earth, other unavailable planets that are colorless can be unlocked using coins. It is pretty expensive to buy a new planet, you should think twice before doing that. However, there are some planets that can be unlocked by finishing an event, so be sure to participate in one as well as your main planets.

Players can also find quests displayed here. There will be 3 different quests to choose from, each has its own time to complete and amount of rewards. A callendar for the upcoming events and a leaderboard of the events are also shown here.

The planets

This is where the evolutions took place. Inside each planet, there are some different habitats and environments. Each environment has 6 levels of a creature and will unlock new ones after the player evolve the highest life form in an environment.

Here, players can find the shop where the creatures are on sale and the bubble from the creatures are made from. There is also a place to upgrade the planet’s stats that will greatly boost the incomes.

Human Evolution creatures


Creatures can be evolved by dragging two of the same species into one, and players can continue to do this to form higher-level creatures. But what happened when you don’t have any more to combine? Easy, you can use coins to buy them in the shop. However, after each purchase, the price needed for the same creatures will increase and you will have to harvest more coins before doing that. Another way is to wait for mother nature to do her job – creates more creatures automatically. The cooldown between each naturally born creature is shown on the left side of the screen. But this feature only gives you the lowest level creature in each habitat. To change this, you will need to use coins and upgrade the quality of the nature breeder.

During higher life forms, as players completed an environment, there will be some options to choose from which decide what will the creatures evolve into next. For example, after the player successfully created humankind they then have the choice to evolve the humans into super-intelligent beings, cyborgs, or even characters from superhero movies. This will not affect the incomes of the planet but surely will increase the overall experience of the game.

APK MOD of Human Evolution Clicker Game

MOD Features

Free shopping: You can shop everything in the game for free even if you don’t have enough money. Your money will even increase when you spend them!


With the simple idle gameplay that is familiar with everyone mixed with the brand-new clicking factor, Human Evolution Clicker: Tap and Evolve Life Forms is sure to be a game worth trying. Surely though it’s funny, unique visuals, and gameplay, this app will surely help you to entertain and let off steam effectively. What are you waiting for without download and try now?

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