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Huji Cam MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.4

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Require5.0 and up
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With so many virtual live app options available today, Huji Cam with its bold image colors is known by many people. This photographic tool also creates a surprise in the color scheme that captures the admiration of the photographer.

About Huji Cam

Huji Cam is one of the film photography applications used the most by young people today. All you need to do once this tool has successfully uploaded is to hold up your phone and take a photo. The manipulations and tools it provides won’t be too difficult for you to create unique images. With antique tones, it will help users create classic 80s photos. It will make the images you take look old in your movies. Besides, it also provides other interesting post-editing tools and color effects for you to choose and create.

Huji Cam Premium-mod-apk

Efficient post-processing

This camera tool is always ready to print the date on the corner of the photo. This effect gives users the feeling that these are images taken with real film cameras. As a result, you will not need to waste time or use additional tools to add to the date of the photoshoot. If you don’t want to add this date effect, turn it off as you like. In the settings, it allows you to customize the date and month displayed on the frame. It seems to be difficult for people to distinguish between the images you have used the application to process and which are the actual photos taken.

Classic color tone but still fresh

Huji Cam can help you automatically create incredibly artistic photos with film camera styles from the olden days. You do not need to spend a lot of time choosing old tones. In general, Huji Cam’s photo colors are bold and sharp. The color point that makes it stand out from other apps is Korean-style dreamy film tone handling. For those who love personality and originality, the color tone will delight you. Although the main color tone that this tool provides is classic, orange, it always keeps the freshness of the photographer’s image.

Make editing easy

Accessing this taking photo tool, you can immediately see the shooting interface with basic features. It includes a viewfinder to help you frame the frame you want to capture and capture images for when you need it to capture images. Every time you want to enlarge the frame, you can Click on the viewfinder to help you frame the frame better. Then press capture. If you access the photo store just taken from Huji Cam, just click on the LAB icon. When you have selected a photo as you want, then you can choose to export the image, when it will be saved in the photo store of your phone. Now you will have a unique color image without spending any extra time editing.

Huji Cam features

Image colors are unpredictable

During the shooting process, you will not be able to tell what effect your photo was used for. This is one of the features that make the Huji Cam attractive. With a crazy antique color, depending on your shooting angle, it always surprises the photographer. Effects are also added at random to make it more interesting. You don’t have to worry about these effects not neutralizing the current image. All of these effects create a harmonious look to the photo. This tool always produces the most unique images whether you are shooting portraits or landscapes.

Real nostalgic camera with full functionality

Not only with simple buttons such as point-and-shoot, but the camera screen also offers more functions than that. It can change the camera, you choose to change before or after in the arrow circle. As a result, you can make adjustments to the front or back shooting more easily. If you want to randomly turn off or on the effect, just click on the circle icon with three dashes. Plus, if you want to have time to prepare your shots in advance, you can tap the clock to time and three dots button to adjust the quality of the photo. At this point, you may have more time to prepare before taking the photo. At the same time, a Flash on / off feature has been added to allow you to shoot in low light.

MOD APK of Huji Cam

About Premium version

This tool does not require users to pay to use effects because it is already set up automatically. However, if you use the Premium version, you will experience more unique things. First, you do not need to open the LAB to select each image to be saved to the device, the Premium version will provide features such as self-saving. When you want to save your original photo, it also lets you save without asking for more. Image quality and automatically adding other unique colors and effects are also included to make your images look better.

MOD Info

Premium Unlocked: Unlocked all features in Premium plan. You can use them for free.


The more photo you take, the more unique personality you can show. Huji Cam is the great photo partner you should have. Download the application right to your device to receive images with unexpected colors.

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