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  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 200MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: January 23, 2019

Soul of Hunter, an immensely popular RPG action game from NetEase, has been finally released with the official version for players to experience. Since July 2017, NetEase has made videos and images to promote the game Soul of Hunter. Through the video trailer, the game Soul of Hunter has shown its attractiveness with the strong cutting edge ARPG style hands. At that time, the game has received the attention of all gamers in the world. But until now, the Soul of Hunter is officially released.

Soul of Hunter NetEase 1

Soul of Hunter was released on January 17th, as usual, and will be available on two Google Play and AppStore apps for Android and iOS devices. Soul of Hunter is still a free game so players will have to spend some money but still can experience the game. With the attractive ARPG gameplay developed in the latest 3D graphics, Soul of Hunter promises to be a role-playing game in the near future. Below ApkMod will evaluate the highlights on this game of Soul of Hunter with instructions on how to download games on your device.

Review of Soul of Hunter – The latest ARPG from NetEase

Background of the game

Most of the current ARPG games are based on science fiction or virtual worlds with hideous monsters. And so is the game of Soul of Hunter, the setting of this game takes place in a magical western world dominated by and harassed by huge monsters that are fierce and dangerous. Now the world is at risk of destruction by these monsters and needs the help of brave heroes. It is you, you will play as a hero carrying in his mission to save the world by the dominance of monsters. Your task is to destroy all of these monsters to bring peace to this beautiful world.

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Interesting gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game Soul of Hunter will also develop quite similarly to the other games of the same genre with the style of freely killing and cutting. The style is not constrained by the tasks. The difference of Soul of Hunter versus other ARPG games is that the game will not let you complete repetitive tasks anymore that the game will give you the freedom to schedule your game. Along with that, you will be building growth strategies freely by offering side quests that include bonuses, knights and more. The game will still have two main modes, PvE and PvP, regardless of the character level.

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The mission, as well as the basic gameplay of the game The Soul of Hunter Apk, is to destroy giant monsters with their weapons. Currently, the game offers players 13 huge monsters are aggressive and aggressive, the number of monsters can be increased gradually after each upgrade waiting game. After destroying the monster, you have to cut off, destroy the small parts of it to collect rare materials, they will be very useful for you in the experience journey, in which the most outstanding is the spell. “Hunting Soul”.

Each monster has its own power that you can not foresee, they are only destroyed by special weapons that you can hardly find. That’s why the game provides a special feature called “True Vision”, a smart eye that can see the weakness of the monsters and you will base on these hints to choose for yourself. the most suitable weapon. The system is extremely diverse in both shape and power, you will have to choose it according to the battle tactics with monsters. You can collect new weapons through massive battles and gain victory. You need to have as many weapons systems as possible to easily kill monsters. In addition to depending on the strength of the weapon, the skill of the character you choose is also necessary

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In addition, Soul of Hunter also has a new voice chat system, chat rooms and social networking systems for players around the world to exchange and connect with each other. Moreover, the NPC system guides you enthusiastically so you can familiarize yourself with the gameplay modes and how to play the game more easily.

Impressive 3D graphics

In addition to impressing the player through this action-packed role-playing game, The Soul of Hunter also has the great 3D graphics which is extremely sharp and lively. This is not a surprise because nowadays a fast-paced action-packed action game requires a high-quality graphics, giving the player the ultimate gaming experience. Especially the character system along with monsters are extremely eye-catching and highly detailed. Overall, graphics is also the strong point of the Soul of Hunter Apk game.

Download The Soul of Hunter MOD Apk NetEase for Android, iOS V1.0

It is known that NetEase took three years to be able to complete the game Soul of Hunter. It shows that this is actually a great game. It has been invested very carefully by the manufacturer. We can also see Soul of Hunter Apk is really attractive with the gameplay and graphics are well done. You can download the Soul of Hunter game on your device via the link below for free to experience.

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