How to play PUBG Mobile on your PC?- The easiest way

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Recently, Tencent’s long-awaited blockbuster PUBG Mobile has been officially launched online for free on both the Google Play and the AppStore. It can be said that PUBG Mobile owns a high-quality graphics platform, so the configuration requirements are pretty smooth. Therefore, many gamers now need to play PUBG Mobile home on the PC. If you are not willing to spend more than 300,000 VND to own PUBG on Steam but still want to play PUBG on the computer, the choice to play PUBG Mobile simulator is the most reasonable. However, to play PUBG Mobile version on PC is not everyone knows how, so ApkMod will guide you how to play PUBG Mobile on PC completely free.

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How to play PUBG Mobile on PC?

Use emulator

With the Nox Player emulation software, it is quite easy for those who want to experience PUBG Mobile on PC which can deliver the same feelings and quality as in the PC version. To install and play PUBG Mobile on your computer, you need to follow the steps as follows.

Step 1: Download and install PC Emulation software – Nox Player HERE

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Step 2: After installation, there will be two icons on the Desktop including Nox and Multi-Drive. Be notable that if you run Nox immediately and install PUBG Mobile, you can not play the game because the default Nox is for Android 4.0. In order to play PUBG Mobile, you have to double-click on Multi-Drive> Add Emulator> New Emulator-Android 5.1.

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Step 3: A new instance will be downloaded and created, this will be an Android 5.1.1 emulator allowing you to play PUBG Mobile (requires Android 4.3 minimum). Next, click the Smart item next to the newly created instance to start running Android emulator

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Step 4: Once you have entered the Android emulator environment, open the Play Store app, log into your Play Store account (mail the kernel).

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Step 5: Find the PUBG Mobile game and download the installer

how to play PUBG Mobile in PC 5

Step 6: Log in directly from Facebook or via Guest.

how to play PUBG Mobile in PC 6

So with these simple steps, users can download and experience PUBG Mobile easily on PC platform. For those who want to experience on the smartphone can be downloaded here for iOS Android.

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