Hovercraft: Battle Arena APK for Android, iOS- Attractive gun battlefield

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Hovercraft Battle Arena 2

Hovercraft: Battle Arena is a highly addictive airship game which has just been released a few days ago by the publisher High Score Hero. Currently, the game is only released on ~the AppStore for iOS devices, and the Android version will probably be released in the next few days. Before we experience the Hovercraft: Battle Arena, let’s take a look at what it has and how to download it.

Hovercraft Battle Arena 2

Hovercraft: Battle Arena – Attractive gun battlefield

Styles of survival

Hovercraft: Battle Arena brings the player to a fierce arena, where the player controls a spaceship to move as well as fight with other players. However, the gameplay is not just simply to kill everything that moves, but you have to skillfully manipulate some of the tricks as well as take advantage of other players. The main game mode in Hovercraft: Battle Arena is real-time PvP in the 3v3 format.

Hovercraft Battle Arena 3

The role of the player in the game is not only to navigate the spaceship, but also to collect energy cubes in the game. Some of them are released in the center of the arena. When someone picks it up, it will return after a short period of recovery time. Once collected, the player must take care of them carefully. When a team collects enough 10 blocks, a countdown timer starts. If every team member is still alive for 15 seconds, then the team will win. This is a very important factor to be able to win in the Hovercraft: Battle Arena.

Hovercraft Battle Arena 4

Players who hold the block is very dangerous. Once it is destroyed, all of them will fall out. That’s why protecting the blocks is more important than destroying other players. There are some types of power-ups to pick up from acceleration, armor, blood, and ammunition that you must constantly move to pick them up. Moreover, one thing you need to notice is the position of the enemy so that you will not get surprised. The game will have a lot of options for players to upgrade the necessary items like customizing your spacecraft with interesting skins to upgrading the weapons so as to unlock later.

Hovercraft Battle Arena 5

The image with Minecraft style

The game Hovercraft: Battle Arena owns a square-format graphics game like the famous Minecraft game many years ago. That means the whole image of the spaceship, character, scene, etc. in the game are made up of tiny cubes. At present, there are many games developed in this interesting visual style. And Hovercraft: Battle Arena does it pretty well, with sharp and eye-catching visual quality.

Download Hovercraft: Battle Arena APK

Overall, Hovercraft: Battle Arena is not really good in term of graphic, but its gameplay is totally attractive and worth a try. Currently, Hovercraft: Battle Arena is the top 3 in the Racing category on the AppStore, highly rated by the players. Here are the downloads for you, the original version from the AppStore and the Hovercraft: Battle Arena APK for you to choose.

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