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What if you become a versatile housekeeper who has to manage everything in the house? Enjoy the feeling of being a great housekeeper in the game Homescapes.

About Homescapes

Homescapes is one of the most interesting puzzle 3-match game for Android. The plot in the game revolves around the story of the main character – Mr. Austin. When he intended to visit the old house, everything changed. The house was too old and damaged in many places. His parents wanted to sell the house, but he didn’t want to. What he wanted was to remodel his house to make it look better. He even bought a house on the other side of the river to remodel the whole house.

The player’s task is to earn stars to help Mr. Austin. The more stars you earn, the faster work you can complete. Besides, players will be immersed in stories with new things. This is your chance to discover interesting facts from other families in the neighborhood.



To help Mr. Austin, all you need to do is collect materials and artifacts and make your house more beautiful and complete. The gameplay of Homescapes is a combination of classic 3-match games and interior decoration. There are more than 1000 different levels in the game for you to conquer. The reward of this puzzle game is the stars. You can use collected stars to exchange new items for the construction and repair of your house.

To receive stars, you need to move the available items in the table left or right, up and down. By moving reasonably, you can easily arrange three types of items in the same row or column. When they form a row, that’s when you complete the request. Besides, the difficulty of the game will be increased by different challenges. Your job is to consider, calculate to suit your every step. Besides, the game also comes with support features for you to overcome challenges more easily.

Character system like a family

Homescapes also has an extremely diverse character system with about 19 characters. Besides Austin – the main character in the game, you also meet another butler, William – Austin’s father. The housewife of the family is Oliva – William’s wife and Austin’s mother. Other supporting characters include Katherine as a grower and florist; Mrs. Broom participated as a housewife; Andy as a painter; Jeb as a builder or Lisa as a land transporter, etc.


Although each character has a different role, they interact with each other like a family. You can control these characters simultaneously to help them complete the house design task. Players cannot meet these characters immediately but will meet them when entering new challenges. Besides the secondary characters, the pet system also makes you enjoy. They are very diverse and assist you in maximum farm work. You also need stars to own these pets.

Challenge players with daily difficulty levels

These levels require you to match the puzzle for stars to exchange items and repair the house. This requires you to be responsive and always in a state of self-challenging. Every day, players will be going through 3 challenging levels. Sometimes, you are even challenged with going through 5 levels a day. When completing the challenge, you will receive the number of stars corresponding to the difficulty.

Each level also gradually increases the difficulty to stimulate the player’s efforts. In the beginning, you will go through the simplest levels. Next, the game will bring more difficult challenges for you to challenge yourself. Plus, the daily quest also brings a new challenge for you to solve and get more ingredients for your house. Thus, new players do not get bored, but old players are challenged. Plus, players can also activate the power-up mode to be able to complete the tasks easily.

Enjoy interior design and participate in events to receive precious objects

Unlike a classic match-3 game, the element of creativity is highly appreciated in Homescapes. It allows the player to be both a housekeeper and an interior designer. Levels in the game will help you repair damaged items and rooms in the house. When finished, you are allowed to choose the new item you want. After choosing the objects, you are free to arrange them anywhere you want. The better you complete the tasks given, the more rooms you can unlock.

Moreover, the in-game events also give players the chance to receive beautiful items. These events are held on a weekly or monthly basis. You also solve puzzles when you join to receive stars and precious items. Sometimes you can get rare items to refurbish your home.



Austin’s daily life in this mansion would be boring without work and new pet friends. In certain stages of the game, you can find pets and take care of them. The first is Captain Flint, a parrot with a hobby of pirates and he is also the most talkative character in the game. He always babbles funny stories that make Austin laugh. Next is the dog Toby and the Cat, who are always causing trouble with their mischief. The cats are always the ones making a mess in the mansion, then Austin has to clean up.

Some missions in the game will be related to these beasts. When you complete them, you have a chance to win stars and coins.

Graphics and sounds

Although the 2D graphics are quite simple, the colors in the game are diverse. You never get bored with dynamic visual effects. Cartoon characters with very funny designs. Besides, the image in the game is eye-catching and makes you unable to take your eyes off the phone screen.

Besides the graphic elements, the sound element is also indispensable. The background music in the game is very soothing. It makes you feel more relaxed and fresh. Music effects such as the explosion, the sound of falling will also give players a very interesting feeling.

MOD APK of Homescapes

In-game currency

There are 2 main currencies in Homescapes: coins and stars. Each currency plays a specific role in the game. With coins, you can use them to buy boosters, buy extra moves, or lives. There are many ways you can earn coins such as: completing levels, logging in daily, gifting from events, opening letters, participating in events, and buying directly from the shop.

Stars are the second most popular resource in the game but it is the most important. You need to use stars to complete your mansion renovation missions. You can get stars by winning levels or completing quests in events.

Note that you cannot use coins to buy stars.

MOD features

  • Unlimited Stars: In the Homescapes mod, you can use unlimited stars to upgrade and unlock everything in the game. Note that your stars do not decrease when you spend them.
  • Please do not log into your account on this mod because you have a chance of getting banned.


How many percentages do you think you will help Mr. Austin to recover in fixing this house? Find the answer by downloading Homescapes now and enjoy this exciting story.

Download Homescapes MOD APK (Unlimited Stars) 6.8.5

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