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Do you want to control a powerful tank to participate in fierce battles? Hills of Steel – an interesting action game combined with tank shooting gameplay will delight you.

About Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel is a game of the intellectual genre combined with attractive tank shooting gameplay. This action game combines tactical elements and unique features. The download capacity of the game is also very light and suitable for many models. If you have ever played the game Hill Climb Racing, then getting used to this game is not too difficult for you. The game allows you to control your tank through different terrains.

In addition, to destroy all enemies on the map, players need to use their powerful cannons. Plus, players need to be very careful in their every move and attack to become the ultimate winner. Hills of Steel also owns a simple but very cool graphic background. The game interface is also professional and easy to manipulate. Just play through once, players will never forget the special impression with the battles in the game.

HIlls of Steel mod apk download

Key features of Hills of Steel

Hills of Steel does not have beautiful graphics like blockbuster games. But it offers unique gameplay with a lot of fun. Let us explore the outstanding features of this game now.

Fun gameplay

The gameplay of Hills of Steel is quite simple and anyone can start playing without reading any instructions. Entering the world of the game, you will play the role of a soldier with a special mission to destroy enemy tanks. You will not be fighting with a team but as a person one tank. A tank battle will open with lots of enemy troops waiting to attack you. You need to aim and shoot immediately when the opponent’s tank approaches. If you are not the first to shoot, you will be killed instantly. Therefore, try to control the tank skillfully and use the cannons at the right time to defeat the opponent.

Moreover, the mission system in the game is also very diverse and numerous. These missions are special challenges that require you to be extremely focused to be able to complete them. As you complete the missions and pass the levels, the diverse tank system will gradually unlock for you to use. Tank upgrade levels also unlock for you to upgrade and use them more effectively. Thanks to that, you will never get bored while playing in these dramatic battles.

HIlls of Steel gameplay

Special physics

The physics in this game is quite special and becomes an interesting point that many gamers love. The interesting thing comes from the mountainous terrain in the game. Just a micro hill ledge, your tank can be overturned at any time. This means that the rougher the terrain is, the harder your tank can tip over. Although the image of the car flipping is quite funny, no commander wants to see this image. If you want to move smoothly on these terrains, you need to practice controlling the tank through many levels. Plus, if you don’t want to make mistakes, be careful in your every move. Moreover, the opponent’s tank moves only on the rear wheels. Therefore, the ability to topple these tanks is also faster and makes the game more interesting.

Diverse tank and weapon system with useful upgrade function

Hills of Steel offers nine different types of tanks. These tanks are ready to serve players fighting on different terrains. Each tank has its unique shape and combat characteristics. To own these tanks, you need to use money or diamonds earned from the competition screen. The higher the amount you spend to buy a tank, the more special the tank’s features become. Besides, when you own a tank, you also need to pay attention to upgrading your tank to make their combat ability stronger.

Moreover, the weapon system in the game also makes you excited. These are advanced weapons such as 6-barreled guns, cobra cannons, chainsaw blades, electric discharge cylinders, etc. Depending on the battle or different terrain, you can choose and buy the right weapons.

HIlls of Steel all tanks

Choose the fighting mode

Hills of Steel allows you to choose to fight 1 – 1 or find allies to fight 2 – 2 in multiplayer mode. If you fight 1-1, you will be fighting opponents that are pre-configured by the computer. In this mode, you need to pass the assigned levels and missions. Many maps with unique designs also appear for you to explore in this mode. While fighting, you can choose to play from a safe distance or engage in close combat to damage your opponent.

In 2-2 mode, you need to play online to pair up with other opponents. They can come from all over the world and you have the opportunity to try out warriors of different skills. After being paired with another player, you will play against two players from the opposing team. All actions of the two teams will take place at the same time on one screen. Try to destroy your opponent while preserving your life. The winning team is the team that kills the opposing team. In general, this mode is suitable for those who love team fights and play directly for a new experience.

Control mechanism

Hills of Steel uses surprisingly simple control mechanics. You only need to manage 3 buttons on the screen to play. There are 2 arrow buttons on the left side for you to move your tank forward or backward. On the opposite side is the fire button to attack the opponent.

The special thing is that you cannot manually control the firing direction of the tank. The trajectory of the bullet will depend on where your tank is standing. If you stand too close to the target, it will be difficult to hit. One of our advice is that you should combine the navigation keys to move the tank to the right position before firing.

MOD APK of Hills of Steel

MOD info

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of coins at the beginning of the game. Use them to purchase items and upgrade your tank.


With the unique in-tank system and combat terrain, Hills of Steel brings dramatic battles with opponents worldwide. Quickly download the game and control your tank through difficult terrains and win.

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