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Hill Climb Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money ) 1.60.3

App NameHill Climb Racing
Publisher Fingersoft
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Introducing Hill Climb Racing

Offline games may not be as famous as their online “brothers”, still, they always hold an important position in the gaming community. Although there may not be too much to explore, the “play anywhere” feature and intriguing news are not small, even more than online games. We have seen Soul Knight, Shadow Fight, Asphalt 8, etc. causing strong waves. Accordingly, Fingersoft also released Hill Climb Racing, a racing game mixed with endless running elements. Currently, the game has reached more than 500 million downloads with a 4-star rating on the google play platform. Join us to learn more about this game in the following article.


In the game, you will find yourself in the role of an adventurous guy – Bill Newton. His love of exploring and racing is limitless. However, before those trips, Bill does not prepare carefully enough for his safety and pretty much gets his neck broken every single time. Now that you are here, the mission of keeping his neck “intact” is up to no one else but you. Try your best to keep this reckless man in a T-shirt and a red cap safe from all his trips to Hill Climb Racing!

Hill Climb Racing story

How to play

So, what exactly do you have to do in this game?

Your main mission in Hill Climb Racing is to control Bill’s car uphill and avoid having the car flip upside down. As you have done choosing your vehicle and level to play, you will find yourself, as Bill Newton, obviously, sitting neatly in the car. There will be a gas and brake pedal at the bottom of 2 sides of the screen. You can use those to speed up the vehicle or slow down, also, the brake pedal will have your vehicle tilt forward, whereas the gas pedal will do the opposite, backward.

You must be very careful while driving because if Bill’s head touches the ground, you will lose. Use the right pedal when needed is the ultimate key to keeping our protagonist survive. Using the right speed to travel is also vital to your survivability during travel.

There are a lot of coins scattered on the road as you travel. Make sure to collect as much as you can since the coin is the main currency of the game and can be used to purchase new vehicles and maps.

Mind your gas

If you are thinking about traveling slow and steady will help you win the game, which you can not, then you are wrong. Sometimes, you will find your vehicle unable to move and just standing still no matter what you do. Well, there is only one sensible explanation: You have run out of fuel. Your remaining fuel is shown by a bar with an icon of a gas station at the side. The more you travel, the more gas is used. When the bar is completely blank, you are screwed.

Apart from coins and a bunch of dangerous things on the road, there will be a red tank of fuel chilling there, waiting for you. The tank will appear every set of distances and will fully fill your energy bar. With that in mind, you should always pay attention to the gas bar and travel both safely and fast to avoid losing in an embarrassing way.

Perform incredible tricks!

The game’s first priority is to keep Bill safe at all costs. However, it would not be fun anymore, right? Well, you can definitely spice things up by doing venturous tricks with your vehicle. Of course, your overall points at the end of the game will be greatly increased, but you would pay the price of Bill’s neck if you failed.

It’s quite simple to carry out tricks on some map, preferably the “Moon” map since the gravity is reduced. To perform one, simply hold the gas or brake, depending on the situation, as you are in mid-air. Because the vehicle will tilt forward or backward based on the pedal you use, holding it for long enough can flip your vehicle 360 degrees and voila, you have just done it!

Hill Climb Racing upgrade vehicles

Amazing variety of vehicles

In Hill Climb Racing, you will not be stuck with only one lame jeep. Instead, there are a bunch of different vehicles with different stats and strategies for you to try out. New vehicles can be purchased by coins collected through playing games, so make sure that you gather as many coins as possible.

A tank may not be as agile as a minibike, but surely it will be easier to cross bumpy terrain. Based on your preference and map, choose the most suitable vehicle to achieve the highest score you can!

If you have found your favorite one and don’t have the intention to purchase another vehicle for some time, consider upgrade it and rock the adventures! Upgraded vehicles can provide you with more stability, speed, power, and fuel. Therefore, it will be much easier to conquer the ugliest terrain.

Various maps

Your races will become a lot more interesting when you have the opportunity to control your vehicle on new terrains. Hill Climb Racing has more than 20 different maps for you to explore and conquer. Besides the basic areas like Country, city, desert, beach, you have the opportunity to unlock extremely unique maps such as rainbow, arena, nuclear plant, prognosis, bogland, universe. Each level has unique terrain and a number of other factors that can affect your race. For example, when you race on an alien planet, you can move faster and jump higher because gravity here is weaker than usual.

Besides, there are some unique maps that only appear during events. When you participate in these events, you have the opportunity to receive special rewards.

When you start the game, the only available area is CountrySide. All other maps are locked. If you want to unlock them, you need to use coins. With Hill Climb Racing MOD that we provide, you can use unlimited coins to unlock all these maps!

MOD APK of Hill Climb Racing

MOD features

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds: You get unlimited in-game currency to buy, upgrade and unlock anything in the game!

Good news for you, the 2nd edition of this series has been released! We also bring you its latest mod. Please refer to HERE.


Nowadays, much more interesting games are published to the community, still, the original Hill Climb Racing surely will hold its place for some time due to its simple but fun and intriguing gameplay. Challenge your friends to see who will get a higher point or simply drive with Bill to let off steam! What are you waiting for without trying it out now?

Download Hill Climb Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Money ) 1.60.3

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