Download Hide Online APK v3.6.0 - Game hide and seek new guns

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  • Publisher: HitRock Games
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 36M
  • Latest Version: 3.6.0
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 25, 2019

Hide-and-seek is a very interesting game that anyone has ever played when being kids. This is a great game of children who did not know about the modern games as today. That was the childhood we had many years ago. So today ApkMod will introduce you a game of hide-and-seek game combined with an extremely interesting shooter style that you should not miss, it is called Hide Online.

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Hide Online was released last March by HitRock Games, a relatively unknown publisher of mobile games. But right after the release, their game Hide Online quickly attracted players around the world, the number of downloads increased rapidly in just a few days. Up until now, the game has been released for less than a week but has received over 1 million downloads and nearly 40,000 positive reviews from players. In the article below, ApkMod will show you the charm of this game online and teach you how to download games.

Review Hide Online – Game hide and seek new guns

Dramatic hideouts

The game Hide Online has developed a simple shooting and escape game that anyone can play, even if it is addictive to anyone who plays it. Join the game, you will be controlling a cartoon character with other players into the game of hide and seek, shoot the drama. The game will be divided into two teams, one team will be tasked to find places to escape, hide from opponents and the other team will hunt, even kill with modern guns. In battle, if you are a fugitive, you have to take advantage of everything to hide from the pursuit of the opponent, your opponent will have 3 minutes to find all the members of your team and destroy, If they do not find the 3 minutes they will win. And vice versa, if you and your teammates are looking for you without completing the quest for 3 minutes, you will lose.

hide online apk 2

In each level of play, there will be a lot of items arranged in the rooms for you to use as the enemy refuge. Big boxes, fridge, bed, table, behind the TV, … even the toilet can be a place for you to hide. You have to have subtle eyes to find special hiding places that your opponent can not find you. However, if you stay in the same place, the items in front of you will show up on the icon for your opponent that there is someone there, so you need to constantly move the different positions and move at times. have the appearance of the opponent. In general, this gameplay is quite simple but it can be addictive for you.

hide online apk 3

Simple 3D graphics

Hide Online has been invested with a quite eye-catching 3D graphics. Although it is not a top-ranked graphics game, it still gives players sharp picture quality. Game Hide Online is created as a simulation game with characters and objects created just like the real life. You can mix the game with bright colors and highlights like the image below. It can be seen that Hide Online game is well invested in the image.

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Here we can see that this game Hide Online is really fun with the completely new gameplay, not too complicated but requires the sophistication of the player. And look at the number of downloads and reviews of the game Hide Online on Google Play also see how attractive it is. If you want to enjoy Hide Online, you can download games for your device to experience through the link below for free.

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