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H.I.D.E MOD APK (Unlimited Ammo, No Reload) 0.37.70

» Props vs Hunters = Hide or Seek Online!

App NameH.I.D.E
Publisher GS Games Studio
MOD InfoUnlimited Ammo, No Reload
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About H.I.D.E.

H.I.D.E. presents itself as an eccentric third-person action game, pitting two opposing teams against each other within an enclosed environment. The intriguing aspect lies in one team comprising objects capable of blending into the surroundings, endeavoring to endure, while the other team consists of hunters wielding machine guns.

H.I.D.E. features nearly identical controls for both factions: the virtual movement joystick occupies the screen’s left side, while the various action buttons are situated on the right. As a hunter, players can engage in shooting and grenade tossing; conversely, those with camouflage abilities can transform into distinct objects.

What Game Characters Do You Wish To Embody?

HIDE’s mechanics are straightforward and easily comprehensible. Upon initial engagement, players are designated as either hunters or objects. Subsequently, roles are alternated in the following stages. For instance, after playing the inaugural level as a hunter, one can adopt the guise of a hidden character in the second.

The notion of responsibility pertains to an individual’s accountability for their actions. This could be your name, the name of a dear one, or any moniker that has piqued your interest. Players will experience both sides of the conflict: as a hunter, charged with the identification and elimination of counterfeit targets, and as an object, striving to evade detection and harm. Each team persistently alternates between seeking and concealing from the other; the squad that endures the longest ultimately triumphs.

Objects – The Concealed Character

In HIDE, players cannot select their specific inanimate object when assuming the role of a hidden character. Consequently, users are met with an element of surprise upon encountering the game’s interface. Various items, such as a video game console, a pot, a loaf of bread, and more, can potentially serve as a concealed character. Once the music commences, the object can scurry and seek refuge. However, during a musical interlude, the object must remain motionless. Many gamers favor the video game console, as it poses a greater challenge to maneuver compared to other items like a beverage or a meal.

Infrequent Gameplay Tip

“Responsibility” denotes the assessment of an individual’s accountability for the actions of another. HIDE advises employing music to disperse objects and utilizing moving icons as visual assistance. This strategy enables players to identify nearby targets and approach them. Nevertheless, hunters must act swiftly and fire promptly, as the quarry moves rapidly. Amusing situations ensue when a player strikes the actual object, eliciting uncontrollable laughter from the character.

HIDE’s success is attributed to its exceptional visuals, encompassing realistic and vivid imagery that captures items down to the minutest detail and immersive sound effects such as gunshots and footsteps. The game’s distinct gameplay further contributes to its popularity.


MOD info

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Reload
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread


H.I.D.E. is a zany multiplayer action game that provides a gaming experience that is a lot of fun overall. In addition, the game has some really impressive aesthetics.

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