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Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) 1.1.105

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery MOD APK – Seek and find hidden objects to renovate Hidden Hotel! Adventure mystery game

App NameHidden Hotel: Miami Mystery
Publisher Tilting Point
MOD InfoUnlimited Money/Energy
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About Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is a fun and exciting seek-and-find game that combines solving a puzzle, finding hidden objects, listening to a gripping story, and fixing a hotel. Start a thrilling adventure as you look for hints and solve puzzles in a world where an old house is turned into a beautiful hotel resort. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is a unique game with stunning hand-drawn graphics and an exciting story that will keep you interested from start to finish.

Find things like Sherlock

Unlike most puzzle games, this game has a unique way to play in which you have to find things that have been cleverly hidden in complicated pictures. Put yourself in the shoes of a detective, hone your observation skills, and find your way through the fantastic scenes of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery. Immerse yourself in a world of mysteries as you discover slight hints, complete exciting tasks, and open up hidden rooms. Every clue you see, whether small or big, brings you closer to solving the compelling mystery.

Every Detail Matters

As you go through the hidden object scenes, get ready for levels that get harder and harder. Tap and open things to find hidden behind curtains or inside boxes. Even small things can hold important clues, so everything should be noticed. Try your most challenging, get the highest score possible in each secret picture scene, and beat the most complex tasks. Hidden Hotel is an excellent mix of mystery, adventure, and fun, so everyone who plays it will have a good time.

Use hints and boosts to your advantage

If you find yourself stuck on a puzzle, don’t worry! There are helpful search tools and boosts in the game to help you. Use the lantern to find hidden objects, the clock to get more time, and the keys to open three things in a spot. The radar will quickly show you where everything is in the scene, making it easy to move through the game. You can learn more about Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery with the help of these handy tools.

Enjoy Different Search Modes

The game has a lot of strange seek-and-find hidden object modes to keep you interested and entertained. In exciting minigames, you can do word searches, untangle cobwebs, find images, figure out backward words, spot the difference, and collect coins. Since the game continually gets new material, you can always look forward to exciting new mysteries and tasks. If you pay close attention to the hidden hints, the game will slowly reveal its secrets.

Reveal Your Inner Designer Talent

In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, as soon as you step inside the old house, you’ll be mesmerized by how it’s furnished. As you play the game and look for personal items, earn stars, and move forward, you can change and improve the hotel according to your ideas. Choose from a wide range of things to decorate the Hidden Hotel, make eye-catching pictures, and turn it into a stunning work of art. By bringing in more people and giving them excellent service, you’ll have a chance to become well-known and wealthy.

MOD APK version of Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery

MOD feature

1. Unlimited Money
2. Unlimited Stars
3. Unlimited Brushes
4. Unlimited Energy
5. Unlimited Tickets
*Increase when you spent


Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery is a hidden object game that will take you on a strange and mysterious journey. It mixes the thrill of finding secret clues with the charge of renovating a hotel. Learn how to be a good detective, get lost in exciting stories, and discover what secrets are hidden in the old house. Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery offers an immersive experience that will keep you hooked with its beautiful graphics, challenging games, and exciting features. In the fascinating world of Hidden Hotel, you can go on a hunt-and-find adventure and show off your detective and design skills.

Download Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) 1.1.105

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