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Today ApkMod will bring you a traditional FPS game called Heroes of Warland. And this is the new game from the manufacturer Nitro Games Oyj which has just been released a few days ago for both Android and iOS. Taking the first-person shooter themes with a variety of exciting game modes, the game will allow players to get engaged in the dramatic, stressful but interesting gun battles. Below, ApkMod will introduce you to the most interesting features of the game Heroes of Warland and show you how to download it to your device.

Heroes of Warland 1

FPS shooting style

Heroes of Warland offers a very interesting first-person shooter gameplay. Getting involved in the battle, players can use a variety of weapons such as pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, colt machine gun or even shotguns. Heroes of Warland has created a variety of weapon systems that players can freely choose from.

About the character system, players will have to consider a lot in choosing the character in Heroes of Warland. Other than the common shooter games on mobile, the character in Heroes of Warland has specific indicators that affect quite a lot to the gameplay like moving, shooting range, loading speed… Therefore, the game will require the player to choose the right character according to his playing strategy.

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Each character entering the game is also equipped with accessories to increase the flexibility. These accessories are very useful for players in many different roles such as bombs and mines to throw, traps to block enemy or medicine to recover a certain amount of blood in the game. When fighting, the player will have a default energy bar, and when this bar is filled, the special skill will activate and the player can get super strength in a short period of time, so take advantage of this time.

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Graphics and sound

The game Heroes of Warland is heavily invested in both visual and audio. In terms of visuals, the game offers players sharp, high-quality 3D images. However, with the animation style, Heroes of Warland game will not have the same feeling as other FPS games. Many players have associated the image of Heroes of Warland with Fortnite for Epic Games. To add more realism to the FPS game, the developers will have to carefully incorporate the background music and the realistic sound effects. And that’s pretty well done in Heroes of Warland.

Heroes of Warland 4

Download Heroes of Warland APK

In general, the game Heroes of Warland has a variety of shooting gameplay with the background of 3D graphics, bringing the best experience for players. Heroes of Warland is now very popular among many players around the world, and what about you? You can download the Heroes of Warland game from the link below to experience it.

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