Heroes of Arzar APK (Userjoy Technology)- Download for Android, iOS

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Heroes of Arzar 1


  • Publisher: Userjoy Technology
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS 8.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 559.2 MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.16
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: June 12, 2018

Heroes of Arzar is a very interesting strategy card game that was released in early June. Currently, this game has been released on both Google Play and AppStore for Android and iOS devices for totally free. Accordingly, this strategy game has a tactical card gameplay with sharp 3D graphics. To discover more about Heroes of Arzar and how to download it, please refer to the below article.

Heroes of Arzar 1

Interesting tactical gameplay

The tactical card gameplay with the vertical screen interface requires players to know how to flexibly combine the strengths of each card type along with the process of upgrading their strength. In addition to the traditional turn-based mechanism in card strategy game series, Heroes of Arzar also requires players to constantly upgrade their card power based on some factors such as equipment, additional stats stone, skill sets, and auxiliaries magics. This force the player to calculate carefully during the preparation before the battles. Depending on the style of each person, the chosen card also has its own variety.

Heroes of Arzar 2

Heroes of Arzar’s players can drop “troops” that exist as cards on the table. Their next task is to attack the cards and further is the two opposing pillars. The game modes in Heroes of Arzar are quite diverse. Specifically, the game will have 4 types of competition mode, 1v1 casual, 2v2 PVE, 2v2 Rank and 2v2 casual. But the most interesting is the real-time PvP mode. This is the most popular factor that is being used by most card game now. There are many ways for gamers to have new cards and complete their original card stock. The cards are classed according to their rarity.

Heroes of Arzar 3

Character system

The game Heroes of Arzar offers a variety of card systems as well as the various generals with different appearance and power. The general design in the Heroes of Arzar is designed in many styles, combines the chibi and fantasy style. When the card generals defeat each other or successfully destroy the opposing pillars, the effect is very vividly displayed. Players will be able to collect these cards as well as heroes in different ways.

Heroes of Arzar 4

Graphics and sound

The game is equipped with the 3D graphics but the quality is rated medium, which cannot be compared to other 3D games today. But the game still gives players the sharpest picture quality and the smooth experience. The sound of the game does not seem to be a strong factor, they are quite monotonous when most of them are just the normal weapon clashes. Overall, the graphics and sound are not the strong points of Heroes of Arzar.

Download Heroes of Arzar APK V1.0.12

With a tactical card gameplay with the elements of the role-playing game, the game will definitely get the attention of global players in the future. But Heroes of Arzar can only stop at the level of entertainment games, which means it cannot compete with the current hit strategy game. If you are interested in Heroes of Arzar, you can download the game from the link below to experience it.

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