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  • Publisher: OneTonGames
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 59M
  • Latest Version: 1.13.7
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 15, 2019

Introducing Heroes Auto Chess – Strategy game in the form of a chess game

Maybe you are very well-known with DOTA Auto Chess, a custom map of DotA 2, one of the most notable and popular games among players around the world now. However, this is still a custum custom Dota 2, so players who want to experiment still have to install Dota 2. Therefore, many players expect Auto Chess to soon split into a separate game or have a softer launcher version. And as our expectation, there was a game company, neTonGames, has produced an impressive copy of Heroes Auto Chess, no inferior to DOTA Auto Chess.

Heroes Auto Chess 1

The new Heroes Auto Chess game was released in early February, which is currently only available for Android via Google Play, and the iOS version has not yet appeared. With Android devices, you can choose their original version of Heroes Auto Chess or Heroes Auto Chess MOD APK (at the end of the article). But first, we will go to learn a little about Heroes Auto Chess to see if it has special, attractive things as Dota 2’s DOTA Auto Chess or not.

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When you first step into the game you can immediately recognize the familiar style of DOTA Auto Chess but there will be no familiar units of DotA. As for the gameplay of Heroes Auto Chess, this game is developed 90% like that of DOTA 2. There will still be familiar actions such as buying chess pieces with money dropped after each round until upgrading the flag by putting multiple troops of the same type on the table. It can be said that this mobile game has totally copied DotA 2’s Auto Chess.

Collect heroes and fight

In Heroes Auto Chess, your mission is to collect yourself heroes to take them into the dramatic battles. By collecting three heroes of the same class or race, you can merge it into a stronger unit. Put your evolutionary heroes on the deck and watch your heroes plunge into fighting. Each Round, you will fight different opponents and create completely new tactics to overcome each challenge. The game also requires players to use their economic management skills to be able to purchase the most effective pieces of their budget. You can then upgrade the additional features such as getting more gold to break the record, step up to higher levels of challenge and become the champion in Heroes Auto Chess game.

Heroes Auto Chess 2

Of course, an important contributing factor in the tactical gameplay of Heroes Auto Chess is the combo class. Some units that appear on the board will give each other the necessary support indicators to help you find your own gameplay and create the overall power of the squad. Even if you don’t have a strong chess piece, it is easy to win a wide range of different opponents.

Of course, due to the development on the mobile platform, Heroes Auto Chess lacks a lot of familiar features such as lounge, PVP mode up to 7 other players or the ability to observe the enemy’s squad. In the new game, there are only modes to play against the AI opponent only. Hopefully, Heroes Auto Chess will be equipped with real-time PvP mode so that players around the world can compete with together.

Heroes Auto Chess 4

Images and sounds

Heroes Auto Chess game is developed with nice 3D graphics, but it will not be a realistic style but rather funny boxy style. The in-game shaping from the blocks, so from the characters, landscapes, trees, are all small squares assembled into. Perhaps this is a developer’s intent to match the game theme as the chess board is divided into small squares. With eye-catching skill effects, Heroes Auto Chess shows a high-quality image, not inferior to DOTA Auto Chess.

Download Heroes Auto Chess MOD APK

To summarize, Heroes Auto Chess is a 90% game based on DOTA Auto Chess, but it’s still a great game that worths trying because DOTA Auto Chess is just a new game mode of Dota 2 game. Therefore, Heroes Auto Chess will be accepted by players all over the world, although it is just a fake game. Below is the link to download Heroes Auto Chess game for you to choose.

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