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Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.3.3

App NameHello Neighbor: Diaries
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK is a game for those who love the horror adventure genre. Let’s discover what dark secrets your neighbor is hiding. Are you ready or not?

About Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is an adventure game developed by tinyBuild. This game is also an extension of the hit Hello Neighbor series. In the game, you will play Nicky’s role in investigating the memory and mysterious disappearance of your best friend, Aaron Peterson. Are you ready to decipher the strange things that have taken place? – Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in this article.


Nicky and Aaron Peterson have been two close friends since childhood. They had fun, played, and grew up together. Aaron Peterson is also Nicky’s neighbor. He lives in the house across the street. Suddenly one day, Aaron Peterson disappeared. Nicky doesn’t know what happened to his best friend, so he investigates the mystery.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is Nicky’s flashback game about the mysterious disappearance of Aaron Peterson. In a chance to find a photo taken with a close friend by chance, Nicky’s memories came flooding back. He was curious about what had happened at Peterson’s house across the street. But Nicky also believes that Mr.Peterson – his best friend’s father, is hiding a sinister secret.

Hello Neighbor Diaries gameplay


In Hello Neighbor: Diaries APK, you will directly play the role of Nicky boy. Although Nicky is only a child, he is brilliant and agile. Possessing the small body of a baby makes it easy for Nicky to climb through windows or hide behind objects. At the same time, Nicky can also craft items as long as he has enough materials.

You can use the navigation keys on the left side of the screen to move the character. At the same time, you can also control Nicky to crawl or jump through special keys displayed on the screen. In addition, to interact with objects, you will need to tap or hold operations on the right side of the smartphone screen.

Sneaking into the neighbor’s house

There are rumors that Mr.Peterson – who lives across from Nicky’s house, is a murderer. At the same time, the disappearance of Aaron Peterson is also a great mystery. To start investigating everything, you first need to find a way to break into the neighbor’s house.

There are many different ways to break into Mr.Peterson’s house. However, they are also guarded quite carefully. More specifically, you will have to deal with cameras, alarms, or even when Mr.Peterson walks around the house. Of course, you will have to be very careful and not get caught. Try to combine crawl, jump and at the same time hide behind objects in the house.

If you are accidentally exposed, you will be chased by Mr.Peterson. As a little boy, Nicky will have difficulty getting out of that situation unless he reaches his house. However, Mr.Peterson will also become more vigilant.

Collect shreds of evidence

Nicky has a camera, which he uses to record suspicious spots in Mr.Peterson’s house. Once you have successfully broken into the house, don’t forget to take pictures of the strange things inside. More specifically, you can tap the camera icon on the screen to start taking pictures. After a successful photo shoot, the photo will appear on the clue board in Nicky’s room.

On the other hand, these pictures will be the basis for you to deduce the mystery in the Peterson house. Can you decode them and win Hello Neighbor: Diaries?

Hello Neighbor Diaries features

Set surprise traps

You can also set traps for Mr.Peterson. Thanks to that, you can increase your ability to run away whenever you are chased. On the other hand, they can also anger him. In addition, you can create many different traps, such as placing banana peels on the way, causing Mr.Peterson to fall. However, in Hello Neighbor: Diaries, you can also get caught in your trap.

Craft equipment

Nicky is a genius and skillful boy. He can create investigative aids such as a pair of spring-loaded shoes that help him jump higher or x-ray glasses to look for suspicious things. However, Nicky will need to gather the necessary apps to start crafting. You can create many exciting things in Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK. Are you ready to explore them?

These items will significantly assist Nicky during the investigation, but they also limit the number of uses.

Facing scary memories

If Nicky is accidentally seen, you might want to run away as quickly as possible. At this point, Mr.Peterson will chase you for trespassing on his territory. If you get caught, you will suffer a terrifying memory from Mr.Peterson. In the Hello Neighbor: Diaries game, if Nicky suffers ten scary memories, he gets stressed. As a result, Nicky will need to go to bed to relax for a while.

Graphics and sounds

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a game with 3D graphics like Disney animated movies. Everything is shaped in a mysterious and a bit scary style. But at the same time, it also stimulates the curiosity of players. In my opinion, I think this is a game with a unique graphic design.

 Sound is probably the part that adds to the mystery of the game. You will experience creepy and weird sounds. In addition, the drama will become more intense in the chase segments when the tempo of the sound becomes faster.

MOD APK of Hello Neighbor: Diaries

Hello Neighbor is a series of horror games that are already very popular. This series of games are now available on many different platforms millions of players play it every day.

Hello Neighbor: Diaries is the latest game in this hit series. This game has just been developed and released not long ago on the Android platform. However, the manufacturer has yet to announce an official release date. Even Hello Neighbor is restricted to some ages and regions or countries.

To fully experience the game, we encourage you to use the Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK version. This is the latest version of this game, and you can download it for free. At the same time, we will update the game regularly on our blog.

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited money
  • Earlier Access
  • Free download on APKmazon.com


Hello Neighbor: Diaries is a decoding role-playing game with elements of horror and mystery. Can you help Nicky investigate what’s happening inside Mr.Peterson’s house? Or can you help him find out what happened with his best friend, Aaron Peterson? – The answer will be in Hello Neighbor: Diary MOD APK. Please click on the link below to download the game for free.

Download Hello Neighbor: Diaries MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.3.3

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