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Virtual reality technology is extremely popular around the world for a variety of purposes, and there are now a handful of games developed based on this AR technology that have received the great attention of gamers all around the world. You may probably remember the game title of Pokemon GO, the very first AR game that was released not long ago by Niantic Labs and has become a global phenomenon. Niantic Labs is the leading manufacturer of virtual reality game development for other titles.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite apk 1

Recently, Niantic Labs has prepared to release another highly anticipated AR game called Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. This game is in the process of finishing and will be officially launched in the coming time. The game is expected to be released on both the Android platform and iOS completely free. The game was developed based on virtual reality technology as told with the content from the famous Harry Potter novel series, promising to be a prominent game in the near future. Let’s take a look at the details of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, find out what is special and whether it can overcome the shadow of his big brother Pokemon GO or not!

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – New ARC game produced by Niantic Labs

Featured content from the Harry Potter novel

As aforementioned, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is adapted from the famous fantasy novels Harry Potter by JK Rowling. This novel is about the journey of magical cultivation and find the unanswered mystery of the main character of the same name Harry Potter along with his friends. Harry Potter has encountered many difficulties with his enemies and his father’s enemies, but with power of solidarity from friends so Harry Potter has overcome all these difficulties. Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will follow the plot of the novel and build a fascinating new game.

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Interesting gameplay

The game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite provides a variety of game-play systems with a variety of game modes for players to experience. In the game, there will be quizzes that are extremely difficult and players have to think much to be able to give the answers. In this magical world there will be many mysteries that need solving, thanks to the help of the system, players will have to find those mysteries. These mysteries do not follow a certain rule so not experienced players to find out that even the new players can solve.

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One mode that players expect very much in the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the taming of the beast. Mysterious creatures in the novel will also be featured in the game, along with a number of other types of beasts for mainstream players. And the special feature in this mode is that the way to collect those fists will be similar to how the player collected Pokemon in previous Pokemon GO games. Players will have to move in real path, real walking to find new mascots and master them. To find these animals you will have to use spells or mantras to make them appear from the bushes, small slits. And the magic system, mantras in the game are diverse with many different effects, players have to learn and memorize them.

It’s an imaginary fantasy so it can do a lot of unthinkable, for example, players can evolve the animals they catch as mice can turn into unicorns, or poisoned centipede can. evolved into a dragon … In addition, the player must also protect the animals that he found from the dark forces.

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Unique AR technology

In terms of graphics, the game is developed by Niantic Labs based on all the achievements that have made up the success of the big game of Pokemon GO. This AR technology will allow players to experience the game in real life, with many attractive game modes, such as hunting game like Pokemon GO game.

Other features:

  • Two main controls: Use your finger to draw a picture on the screen and toss magic or motion control – use the device to draw a picture in the air.
  • Multiplayer: Single player with 3 different difficulty levels or realtime battles in real-time.
  • Play as a guide to familiarize yourself with the gameplay
  • Track rankings to see who is the strongest Hogwarts.
  • Share your achievements with friends on Facebook
  • Eye-catching graphics, smooth experience
  • Along with a host of other features …

Received the investment from many big companies

Niantic Labs’ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: The Wizards Unite has attracted a lot of big sponsors, including Google, Nitendo and The Pokemon Company, which donated up to 30 million euros after the first donation. Now we can see that Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is really a big game and surely will attract players around the world, so they receive funding from so many big companies.

Download game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite MOD Apk

With an super interesting game-play developed based on the virtual reality trend, sure Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will create a fever in the future. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite also attracts a large number of players from the huge fan of Harry Potter novels. We are waiting for the game officially released to experience it offline!

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