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App NameHarry Potter: Magic Awakened
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Return to your childhood with the latest Harry Potter franchise game for mobile, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened! Beautiful 3D graphics that combine the original story and attractive card collection gameplay are what we easily notice from this game. Ready to download and enjoy it now?

Introducing Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter has become a global franchise with hundreds of millions of fans around the world. It has been more than 10 years since the last volume of Harry Potter was released. But the fascination of this series never stops. We have thousands of different franchises of this brand, including comics, models, cards, video games, etc.

There have been a lot of video games released for platforms. They’re not really outstanding but enough to please fans of the brand. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is the latest franchise game for mobile platforms that brings big ambitions from the developer. It is developed by NetEase and published by Warner Bros Games on the Play Store and App Store.

The game builds a new story around Harry Potter and his friends in a special adventure at the wizarding school Hogwarts.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened mod apk download

Brand new franchise game

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is confirmed as the latest name to join the official franchise game collection from the novel of the same name. The game was developed and published under the cooperation of two famous game studios Warner Bros and NetEase. The context of the game is built based on the originals from the novel. Players have the opportunity to meet iconic characters including Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione, Professor Dumbledore, and more.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a completely free card-collecting MMO game for mobile platforms. In fact, it had a limited release in China and some other Asian countries in March 2021. After just two months, it made more than $100 million in profits. That’s why the developer decided to produce a global version of this game. It is available now on the Play Store.

According to the developers, they want this game to break through the old ruts on other Harry Potter franchises. The great success of the original series made the spin-off products have to be of equal quality. It is definitely a big challenge. But the developers made it through. Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is considered a card collecting game with excellent gameplay, impressive graphics, and original content. Players have the opportunity to see familiar characters and adventure through iconic locations of the Harry Potter franchise.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened gameplay

Familiar context

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened takes place at Howard’s wizarding school, where Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort.

In the beginning, the game allows you to create a new character as a mage or witch. You can then begin your adventure in this wizarding world with the unique character you have created. As usual, the main character (you) receives an owl letter from Howard’s school inviting him to join witch classes. After a train ride from station 9 three quarters, you become a full-time student of the school.

Characters will take classes in magic to learn skills and rules in the wizarding world. Learning and practicing witchcraft skills is the only way to develop your character to fit in this new world. Along with that comes the random appearance of mini-adventures. They can be puzzles or a duel with other witches.

The characters in Harry Potter: Magic Awakened are designed according to the original. So it brings a familiar feeling to those who are fans of this series. The developer confirms that you’ll meet iconic characters like Harry and his friends, Howard school professors, and more.

Impressive gameplay

As we mentioned, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a card collecting game. To start, you are given some basic cards to participate in a warm-up match. Your opponent can be a BOT or a real player. The rules of the match are quite special and interesting. You and your opponent stand in the same arena. Each character has an equal health bar. The player’s task is to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible by lowering his HP to 0. There is an energy bar at the bottom that is used to summon cards for attack or defense. Each card consumes a certain amount of energy. This energy bar will automatically fill up slowly after you consume them.

There is no time limit for each game. It only ends when one player is defeated. The control mechanism is very simple. The player selects a card then places it in a location on the field to activate and summon his minions. Summoned minions will automatically attack to consume the HP points of the opponent. Each card costs a certain amount of energy. So, you can only summon a card when you have enough mana.

The cards can be activated immediately or automatically opened at the appropriate time. Besides minion cards, you can activate trap or magic cards to deal massive damage to your opponents.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is not a traditional turn-based fighting game. Each player is allowed to arrange a custom deck of cards. Only a maximum of 5 cards can be displayed at any given time during the match. After a player activates a card, a new one is automatically drawn at random. The key point of the game is to arrange the cards and activate them at the right time to deal maximum damage to the opponent.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened features

Duel mode

Get ready to compete with other players in real-time matches in PvP mode. It’s called the Dueling Club. Matches are played in duos or trios. The rules of the battles remain the same. However, you will have to team up with one or two other players in the arena to fight the opposing team. Basically, we found these matches to be fun chaos. You and your teammates continuously summon cards and place them on the field. They create crazy combat effects.

Don’t forget you have effective help from Hagrid, who arrives on his motorcycle and attacks to deal massive damage to opponents. It seems to be a cheat but it is completely legal. By the way, in these duels, you can chat with your teammates via voice chat or send stickers. PvP matches usually go on for about 3 minutes until one side is completely defeated. After that, the winner receives the loot boxes as a reward. In addition, each winning player is promoted to the global leaderboard.

Players are randomly matched based on their experience points. So we can be sure of the balance in the matches.

APK của Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

The global version of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is now available on the Play Store in select regions. In case you don’t find it on your local Play Store, you can install it for free here. We provide you with the APK file of the game, so you can install it easily.


After all, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened can be considered a successful product in the collection of video game franchises of Harry Potter. Despite mixed reviews, Chinese developers have shown that they have great creativity to create quality products. Are you ready for amazing adventures in the magical world with Magic Awakened right now?

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