Happy Glass MOD Apk V1.0.13- Albar Games new arcade game

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happy glass

Happy Glass MOD Apk is an extremely entertaining puzzle game that is loved by players all over the world. Currently, Happy Glass is topping the Family category on the AppStore. Happy Glass MOD Apk is a new game released by Albar Games. Let’s find out how to play this game Happy Glass, and how to download games.

Happy Glass 1

Happy Glass MOD Apk – Albar Games new entertainment game

Happy Puzzle has developed a puzzle game not too difficult but not everyone can overcome the challenge in the game. In the game there will be a sad cup because it is empty, it should be fun. So, your task is to find all the way to the water can flow into this cup so that it laughs again.

Happy Glass 2

For water to flow into the glass, you have to draw a path or something so that water can flow into the glass. Your goal is to pour enough water into the cup. The more water into the glass, you will get a good rating (from 1 star to 3 stars). Depending on the location of the faucet and the cup you will have to come up with different solutions for the game. You will have to overcome all the levels of the game Happy Glass MOD Apk. Can you?

Happy Glass 3

Happy Glass MOD Apk

With this game Happy Glass MOD Apk, you can along with your friends together to overcome the challenges in the game, sure to be interesting. Currently, Happy Glass downloads are growing rapidly in app stores. Play Happy Glass MOD Apk, you will love it.

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