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This exciting game allows you to build your own cyberspace to resist attacks from Hackers. Don’t forget to attack other potential targets!

Introducing Hackers by Trickster Arts

It goes without saying that the invention and proliferation of the Internet have absolutely changed our life from head to toe. Move the pros and cons to one side, surely the Internet and technology made everything easier, and this is also the starting point of the games we have today. Taking the topic of this into game making, developer Trickster Arts has brought to us the greatest fear of every electronic device – Hackers. Just like in real life, playing this game requires a lot of calculating and positioning. Not very long after its debut, the game quickly gained more than 5 million downloads and a merely 5-star rating on the Google Play platform. Find out more about this success with us in the article below and download by our APK located at the bottom of the page.

Hackers mod apk download

An interesting concept and realistic gameplay

Of course, this game will not actually teach you how to hack and break into computers, software, or the Internet. It is more of a virtual world where the weak technology-wise will suffer from stronger ones hacking their system. Hackers is a strategy game where you will transform into a professional hacker with the ability to utilize your abilities to safeguard your beloved country. You begin the game by executing basic hacks. At the beginning of your “career”, you meet a character named Marty who will help you a lot. After a while, your talents improve, and you get access to factions. You’ll have to break into security systems and battle terrorists and activists. The most important thing is just you need to remember to keep your own security system up to date.

Hacking in real life is quite an uphill climb sometimes and can make your head go south every now and then. The same does not apply here in Hackers, but the winning condition of the game is a little bit hard to catch since you will need some precise positioning, calculating, and strategies to put your hand on the victory for your country. Are you ready for the fight of the mega minds?

Hackers gameplay

What the game has to offer

Hackers is all about building and defending your system to be able to hack the opponents and keep your facilities safe from other hackers. In some way, the gameplay is quite similar to those war village-building games such as Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, etc.

After you have finished setting up your own account on Hackers, you will be immediately led to the system construction page. The system you’re designing is comparable to the one in real life, although there are apparent differences in the game. You can construct various facilities to assist enhance your system. These are classified into three groups: business, security, and hacking, which we will go deeper into right away.


To put this in a way that can be understood easily, the business parts of your system allow you to “farm” money in order to purchase new parts and facilities for all 3 factions in your base. Some facility names that can be put in this class are netConnetion, B-coin mine, B-coin mixer, Server Farm, Database.


Probably you can guess what does the parts in this class do, right? Yes, this is where all the defensive “buildings” are set up to protect your whole system from getting hacked by other hackers. The facilities here can slower the hacking rate, delete harmful codes, etc. To sum up, by strengthening your security-class parts, you don’t have to worry about those who loiter around your system.


Yes, you guess it right once again, this is where the hostile happens. Your facility in this class is there to serve one mission only: hack the other systems. The function of each part here varies, from freezing opponents’ anti-hacking programs to firewall destroyers and even providing “stealth assassination” on the opponents’ core systems. There are multiple ways to hack a base so we will not list all of them here. After all, experiencing it yourself is one way to enjoy a game to the fullest, right?

Hackers game features

Prepare for the battle for the big brains

Every hack is divided into three stages: preparation, stealth, and brute force. During the preparation phase, an Access software is placed on a netConnection, which initiates the Stealth Phase. The timer will be shown at the top of the screen, and a “Visibility Bar” will appear above the application list. This bar starts at zero and quietly climbs by 20 per second until it reaches 3600. When the Visibility Bar is full, the Stealth Phase ends, and the Brute Force Phase starts. Installing any Brute Force application will finish the Stealth phase early. Disconnecting from a hack during the Stealth Phase prevents the defender from tracing the hacker.

The majority of stealth programs can only be installed during the Stealth Phase, however, some of its effects can be activated during the Brute Force phase. More on it in a moment. Firewalls are ignored by stealth applications. Instead, every stealth software has a visibility statistic that tells how much visibility the program generates every second it is present on a node, whether it is installing or active. The Data Leech is an exception to the principle that most hidden applications erase themselves once they have completed the task (and applying their effects).

MOD APK of Hackers by Trickster Arts

MOD info

Unlimited money: you have unlimited in-game currency. Ready to buy everything for free?

Our thoughts on Hackers?

It is not exaggerating to say that Trickster Arts has done an excellent job this time. Hackers use the same interesting concept of the building-defending-attacking game and took it to a whole new level by using some different, unique way of presentation. The game can be hard and confusing at first, but when you have got the hang of it, mastering the art of hacking has never been more thrilling! What are you waiting for without downloading and trying it out right away?

Download Hackers MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.225

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